In Lugansk region, archaeologists found a treasure

The day before, members of the archaeological center "Spadschina" found unique Cimmerian burial abroad in the X-IX. BC, containing the unique treasure of bronze weapons, reports

It is learned that in a joint archaeological reconnaissance officers archaeological center "Spadschina" and students of East Ukrainian National University. Vladimir Dahl in the area near the village of Popasnyansky Belogorovki was Cimmerian treasure comprising 15 pieces of weapons, including a bronze dagger, rare types of spears, darts and arrows.

"It seems that after manufacture and the minimum technical processing, weapons are stored as a value and to this end has been hidden in the treasure," — said the characteristics of the finds supervisor Archaeological Center "Spadschina" Head of State and Law History VNU them. Dahl, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sergey Sanzharov.

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