In Magadan region unearthed artifacts of unknown cultures

Vzone flooding Srednekanskaya HPS in Magadan scientists during the excavation of the artifacts found here previously unknown cultures.

In the flood zone Srednekanskaya HPS in the Magadan region, scientists discovered during excavation artifacts previously unknown cultures here — reports "Interfax".

"Found fragments of clay pots, as well as products made from obsidian. This volcanic glass, the source of which is hundreds of miles from the Kolyma — Kamchatka and Chukotka. How do these things have been in what is now the Magadan region, to be seen, "- said researcher at the laboratory of history and archeology of the North-East Interdisciplinary Science Research Institute Ludmila Hahovskaya.

The history of the cultural heritage of the North-East of Russia — the main task of the Kolyma scientists. Obtained post-processing artifacts will go on after the Museum of the North-East Interdisciplinary Science Research Institute, where any researcher can review them.

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