In Mogilev tear posters Sannikov

Over hundreds of campaign posters of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov day disappears from the bulletin boards in Mogilev.

According to the trustee candidate Victor Boldin, especially in crowded places posters hang no more than three hours. Who tears the campaign materials, associate Sannikov could not be found.

Boldin"I can give you an example. Outdoors Dimitrov tore posters twice a day. Janitors I was threatened that it is a government property and for its damage by fines up to one million rubles. And by coincidence, that there posters to hang still untouched by the weekend. Maybe it's a coincidence, but an effect. "

Says Victor Boldin, poster Sannikov not be hung for days and on the bulletin board, which stop outside the town hall. This location — not far from the site with daily pickets in support of presidential candidates.

In both areas, Mogilev about one hundred and fifty boards.


leaflets, Sannikov

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