In New York during Hurricane rescued over 600 pets

Activists rescued in New York, more than 600 pets, which could have been killed as a result of the hurricane, "Sandy", according to animal welfare The Human Society (HSUS) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in his microblog on Twitter.

Hurricane "Sandy" that hit the Eastern United States and Canada, lost power, but the number of victims continues to grow: according to the latest data, killed about 50 people. While emergency services to help people, animal welfare advocates are trying to save pets: dogs, cats, birds and others.

According to their website HSUS and ASPCA, through social networks and police zoozaschitniki alerted people about the need to prepare for the evacuation of their pets. In addition, experts in the case of a signal for help, quickly advised the people and to connect to other animal rescue service. At the request of zoozaschitnikov for animals open additional shelters. In addition, the hotels that are not normally inhabit clients with pets, removed this limitation.

"A woman from New York, called us and said that she should evacuate the home with her dog, but she has no car, and subway is closed. We told her that during the storm taxi and buses are required to take pets salon. Later citizen sent us a photo of her rescued pet ", — the report says HSUS.

HSUS experts also point out that emergency vehicles are ready to go to other cities affected by the disaster. Estimated zoozaschitnikov, a large number of public transportation in New York City can quickly bring your pet to a safe place, and in small towns the owners of animals can be difficult.

"The first floor of the shelter for pets in New Jersey flooded. Team to rescue animals made all the dogs from the first floor to the second, and then the inflatable boat was taken to a safe place, but dogs need shelter for a while. We urgently need help "- said in a message posted to the group vFacebook ASPCA.

ASPCA experts deliver animal in need of assistance, in the veterinary clinic. In addition, volunteers help owners find lost pets during a storm.

"During the storm, on the highway leading to the corner of Garfield and 37 streets, found the dog … The animal is safe and waiting for the owners," — according to a special group in Facebook, where the information about lost and found pets.

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