In order to buy dollars, we must not sleep for a couple of nights

The fall of the official rate of the Belarusian ruble has reduced speculative demand for foreign currency: exchange offices still queue for dollars, euros and Russian rubles. Experts say: as long as the dollar on the so-called "black" market than the official 20%, the currency in exchange offices will not appear.

The largest number of exchange offices concentrated in the building of the railway station and the railway station square in Minsk. About each of them — a few people who rest on folding seats. I say to people:

Reporter"Either there in exchange dollars? You are a long time in the queue? . "

Mr."Two months."

Reporter"And how much you want to buy? '.

Mr."Every time differently."

Mrs."Each norm — $ 500 per person. Of course, we must not sleep for a couple nachey.Paslya can also purchase other. "

Reporter"And then what place? '.

Mrs."I said that I was one hundred and fortieth."

Reporter"And this woman, that she — came to report to the next?".

Mr."So. She came to report to the list. "

Reporter"You have such a list? And how great? . "

Mr."In my list of 226 people. Now it's my turn to buy — and at the same time I note, and then someone else will. "

Reporter"If you enroll in your turn, when you can buy dollars?"

Mr."For a couple of weeks will get."

People standing in line for a currency, does not agree with the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that the dollars people need only to rest, and outraged offer to buy them on the so-called black market:

Reporter"The President said that the U.S. people are not needed …"

Mr."I, for example, needs Russian rubles to go to Russia."

Mr."And I, for example, an individual entrepreneur. I need the currency to buy goods abroad. "

Another gentleman"Over the Belarusian ruble will not buy a car in Germany — and here I am standing."

Mrs."And if the child is learning? All the same calculations are carried out in relation to the dollar. And we have the same situation is unpredictable — and that's necessary to keep him. "

Reporter"What about the proposal to buy foreign currency on the black market?".

Let the show — I'm going to black. Or let abolish article, in which people are fined one hundred base units.

Mr."And where is the black market? Let the show — I'm going to black. Or let abolish article, in which people are fined one hundred base units. Then we will go to the black market and look for each other. And so we have to go to the bank. "

Another gentleman"The President has to go to the black market and at the same time keeps the responsibility of the article. Changed hundred Russian rubles and received one hundred basic units. And who will explain that you came back to the proposal of the president? . "

Mr."Black market — a fine and confiscation of the object of the transaction. And we do not break the law. "

Chakalniki in line for the currency stated that the demand for it in Belarus will endure for a long time, and here's why:

"What does it mean to buy $ 300 in the exchanger? That is to earn $ 100. Therefore dostoyat dollar must never, never in the exchanger you do not buy them. Just in case you came from and the person who sells, say that you are friends — and you want him to buy it — only if possible. There is no other way. The main thing is that everything happens through the exchanger: you pass someone bought — all legal. "



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