In Orsha refuse to hang posters Rymasheuski

According to Evgeny Onishchenko, the representative of the electoral staff of the candidate, in Orsha stores refuse to hang posters of Vital Rymasheuski, despite the disposal of city hall.

Evgeny Onishchenko personally carried the posters on those institutions, city council ordered to place campaign materials. In "Myarkam" Lenin Street to hang a poster with Vitaly Rymashevsky flatly refused, and Mr. Onishchenko even had to complain to the Department of ideology.

Department head Igor Sharai agreed that the failure to place a poster — illegal. He offered to carry activist "Orsha newspaper" with a list of the places specified for visual propaganda materials.

But this does not help, says activist. On He said, in store bakery "Sun" in-store "Spring" staff found a complete ignorance election law. With the words "What if we were all the posters will be wearing?" Administration took posters shops, but promised to "think."

Evgeny Onishchenko said it will monitor the availability of posters personally, and in the case of absence — to write a complaint to the CEC.



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