In Raisin started releasing guidance devices missiles

GP "Izyumsky Instrument-Making Plant" started production of the modern guided missiles homing device "PN-90M." This was reported Press Service the enterprise. "PN-90M" — house development specialists of the plant. The new device is an integral part of modern fire control systems, which are installed in armored vehicles.

According to the press service, "PN-90M" provides guidance missiles to be fired from artillery systems. The device has a built-in high-precision alignment of the laser channel missile guidance and aiming the TV channel.

The first batch of devices will aim to complete sets of fire control systems of guided missiles in cooperation with the State Enterprise "State Kyiv Design Bureau" Luch ". 

Help "SQ". Mon-90M — guidance device that is designed for visual remote observation, selection, and target tracking gunner, the formation of the control field in the laser beam in the distance range from 50 to 5000 m

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