In South Korea, to power a wizard breaks …


An unusual candidate for president of South Korea: it assures that has the skills wizard. According to Reuters, 62-year-old Gene Yong Ho. He says that he has IQ of 430 and the ability to perform miracles of healing. If his fourth attempt to become the leader of the country will be successful, then the world will reign in the world.

"I can change 23 chromosomes and 40,000 DNA in the human body. If someone has cancer of the uterus, I can cure cancer for 0.1 seconds, just looking at the patient's face," — said Ho.

The head of the Democratic-Republican Party, not represented in parliament, also announced his desire to move the United Nations headquarters in New York to Panmundzhom, located on the border of North and South Korea.

"Since the United Nations headquarters in Korea will be no war on the Korean peninsula. Then I will unite the world and make an effort to mediate between the world powers," — he said.

During the presidential elections in 2007, Ho received a hundred thousand votes, becoming the 7th place. In 2009 he was arrested for 18 months. The leader of the presidential race this year, Pak Kin Hyo, then accused him of slander when Ho declared that she would marry him.

Pak is the daughter of slain South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee and the only proclaimed presidential candidate this year. Opinion polls show that South Koreans are most concerned about the country's economy: rising prices, growing income inequality and lack of social protection.

In case of victory, Ho promises to highlight the bride and groom 100 million won (U.S. $ 87.3 thousand) and 700,000 won to each pensioner.

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