In the Carpathians, cried Lady


One of the main Orthodox shrines in the Carpathian, Manyavsky monastery, a miracle happened: zamirotochila icon of the Virgin. Local monks say that the last time the face of the Virgin Mary, "cried" in 2008, before the worst flood in western Ukraine, who killed three people and left dozens homeless hundreds of people.

In the monastery Manyavsky sure that the icon of something warns today. Miro, the monks say, flows from the right eye of the Virgin. And make sure that no one could adjust, they say, to explain from the point of view of science, this phenomenon can not be.

According to Metropolitan Ivano-Frankivsk and Galician UPTsKP Ioasafa, moisture in the room where the icon is not present. Because of the cold froze everything, and "tears" all flowing. Locals reacted differently to the news of the myrrh-streaming icon. Some believe it was a sign. "Maybe it will flood again," — said Galina superstitious village of Manyava.

Many believe that the icon will benefit from ailments. "Took back his sick daughter, she has a heart defect," — says Olga Cancer of Ivano-Frankivsk. Skeptics believe that the monks so want to attract the attention of the pilgrims, saying that they, too, have something to live for. Manyavsky monastery, also known as Ukrainian Athos, known healing properties of water that collected inside the cave, which was formed in a huge stone. This lump of rock called Blessed.

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