In the industrial park Novosyolki (Yaroslavl region). Opened a new substation

July 11 commissioned 110/10-10 kV "Novosyolki." The facility will help develop an industrial park "Novosyolki." It will be connected to the information processing center under construction JSC "VimpelCom", an educational center for training specialists for the pharmaceutical cluster, other businesses, the construction of which has yet to begin. In addition to this substation will be a social function — it will provide electricity to the city of Frunze district of Yaroslavl, will be created jobs.


Construction of the substation was carried out under an agreement between the Government of the region and JSC "IDGC of Center", aimed at the development of the electric power system of the Yaroslavl region and ensure reliable energy supply. Substation "Novosyolki" is equipped with voltage transformers 110/10 kV with total capacity of 80 MVA. They provide a higher efficiency compared with the previous generation transformers for reducing load losses. As the representatives of JSC "IDGC of Center", the opening of the substation is able to solve the problem of providing electricity to residents of the industrial park "Novosyolki" who in the future wish to establish their businesses here.

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