In the Ivanovo region opened a modern facility for processing and storage of grain

In the city of Ivanovo region Privolzhsk September 14 opened a modern complex for deep processing of high protein crops. Granary complex can accommodate up to 7,500 tons of grain.


"There are major developments in the region was not. The emergence of such an enterprise — a serious agricultural support area. Elevator worth 200 million rubles is fully automated and equipped with modern facilities " — Said at the opening of the complex governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men.


Granary businesses are able to keep high protein agricultural crops (rye, oats, rape) without loss or reduction in quality at the lowest cost.

The complex is equipped with modern ventilation system and thermometry, gas drying and purification system of grain from impurities. The receiving hopper is able to host up to 60 tons of grain per hour.

As the director of "Agri RIAT" Vladimir Vlasov, this is the second set in the Ivanovo region. Another similar grain elevator is in Gavrilov Posad district.

"Next year, we plan to expand the volume of grain receiving from 7,500 tons to 14,000. We are also ready to take crops from other parts of the region, "- said Vladimir Vlasov.
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