In the Ivanovo region renew car fleet.

Mobile medical complex purchased in the Ivanovo region A mobile medical complex purchased for the Ivanovo Regional Hospital. It is designed for clinical examination and people in remote villages. Complex equipment inspected on July 22 Governor Mikhail Men.

The Governor noted that as a result of the modernization of the regional health care in a number of indicators have been positive developments. "This is not only a consequence of the acquisition of new equipment, but early diagnosis and prevention of disease. This will be aided this mobile complex "- said Mikhail Men.

As the head of the region, with the modernization of health care the main focus was on the repair and equipment of large medical centers, as well as diagnosis and treatment of residents on the ground. "Open the office of a general practitioner in each community area is not yet possible. A mobile medical complex with all necessary equipment will serve remote areas of the region, and residents will have the opportunity to be surveyed on the spot ", — he explained.  

Mikhail Men added that the facility will operate year-round. He also said that in the near future of the proposals of deputy heads of district administrations in charge of social services, will generate a list of locations.

Mobile medical complex is equipped with an ultrasound machine, electrocardiograph, ophthalmic, dental, gynecological and laboratory equipment, electromechanical tomography, set for ophthalmoscopy and otorinoskopii. The cost of the complex — nine million. He acquired in the framework of modernization of health of the Ivanovo region in 2011-2013.

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In the Ivanovo region revamp veterinary car park Veterinary services of the three municipalities of the Ivanovo region received new vehicles. Documents from road vehicles management of the organizations on July 23 gave the head of the region, Mikhail Men.

New equipment will be Palekh, Rodnikovsky and Yuryevets areas.

At the ceremony, the Governor said that in the Ivanovo region a large number of livestock farms located in remote areas. "The new machine will be served including such enterprises", — he said. — "Periodically serious challenges threaten the industry, so a rapid response, which will contribute to this technique is extremely important."

Note the special terrain vehicles (two Chevrolet Niva and UAZ) will quickly go to the sick animal to carry out anti-epizootic measures. Total cost of cars — 1.4 million rubles for one million purchased laboratory equipment.

According to the Chief "Palekh regional stations for the control of animal diseases," Elena Zaychikova, the new technique will allow not only to respond to the challenges of the art services to transport sick animals, but also save resources for the maintenance of transport.

This year, due to the regional budget will buy another two special vehicles for the Ivanovo Regional Veterinary Laboratory and the Ivanovo regional stations for the control of animal diseases. In 2014, to update the hardware veterinary scheduled more than 3.5 million.

Recall that in 2012, under the departmental target programs in the field of veterinary medicine at the expense of the regional budget was acquired three special vehicles for anti-epizootic measures in Teykovskogo, Shuya and Ivanovo regions. Also purchased the complex rapid diagnosis of African swine fever for the regional veterinary laboratory $ 2.7 million.

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