In the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg appeared specialized branch of Allergy-Immunology

The clinic number '55 St. Petersburg branch opened allergy-immunology. With the emergence of the idea and to direct the opening of offices in the course of therapy the efferent blood was about two years old. In the establishment of an office attended by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, the administration of the Kalinin district sponsors.

The main task of the department is that the patient can get complex ALLERGY assistance directly from doctors such as an allergist, a gastroenterologist, dermatologist, pulmonologist, and if necessary, could take advantage of a day hospital.

On the basis of clinic opened an office extracorporeal treatment where the patient can receive services such as plasmapheresis, blood laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation.

"Creating a branch of Allergy-Immunology-based clinics not only helps bring this assistance to patients, but also significantly reduce the cost of it," — said the chief medical officer of St. Petersburg GBUZ "Polyclinic № 112" Alexander Kossenko.

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