In the Kaluga region there are more than 100 mining companies

In the Kaluga region today revealed, explored and prepared for the industrial development of the 540 solid mineral deposits to 21 form of minerals, 130 aquifers and 13 deposits of mineral underground waters.
On the eve of a geologist, April 3, the line ministry announced the results of the sub-program "Mineral resources" as part of the regional target program "Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kaluga region (2003-2010)."

Over 8 years of implementation of the subprogram identified construction materials amounting to more than 495 million cubic meters. For the first time in the region found mud. In addition, deposits of decorative stone, glass sand, refractory clay, rock phosphate.

On the basis of known and prepared for commercial development of deposits created more than 100 mining companies with a total population of working for more than seven thousand people.

So, on the basis of the explored by geologists in the field Borshevsky Ferzikovsky district will soon begin construction of a cement factory of the French company "Lafarge".
Large investment projects are beginning to realize CJSC «First cement company" in Dzerzhinsk region, Ltd. "Association" Master "in the area Duminichskom, LLC" IFC "GRASS-Kaluga" in Zhizdrinsky district, LLC "Berezovsky" in the Borovsky district. Investments in the implementation of these projects in the next five years will amount to about 45 billion rubles.
Since the beginning of 2011 launched a targeted program "The geological study and reproduction of mineral resources of the Kaluga region (2011-2025 years)."

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