In the Kemerovo region. a monument to those killed in the line of duty in the North Caucasus


On the territory of the rifle compound Central Military District stationed in Yurga (Kemerovskayay area), has completed the installation of the monument to soldiers killed in the North Caucasus.

In the period from December 1994 to April 1995 the personnel of the Guards separate the Zvenigorod-Berlin Order of Suvorov Grade II rifle connections performed combat missions in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus. In armed clashes killed 128 servicemen. Four of them were awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously: the mortar battery commander Captain Igor Morev, commanders tank companies Captain Yuri Moiseyev and Senior Lieutenant Igor Akhpashev, tank platoon commander Lieutenant Yuri Nemtsov. More than 700 soldiers were awarded state awards.

In the period from October 1999 to April 2001 the staff of the connection for the second time was sent to the North Caucasus. 105 soldiers, NCOs and officers did not return from a trip. For courage and heroism in battle with gangs of terrorists, were awarded nearly three thousand troops connection and an ordinary Alexander Kuznetsov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

The names of the guards who died in the line of duty are engraved on the twelve marble slabs that will be installed at the foot of the obelisk near the Eternal Flame.

The obelisk is made in Kropotkin (Krasnodar Territory) designed the sculpture studio "Alley of the Russian Glory" (director — Michael Serdyukov) with funding from the Kemerovo Region Governor Aman Tuleyev, as well as donations of military brigade.

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