In the Kemerovo region commissioned a new building of the mine processing plant them. Kirov

JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company" launched in the production of the second block of the mine processing plant them. SM Kirov with a treatment capacity of up to 6 million tons of coal a year. 

Construction of the second unit started in 2010. Total cost of the project amounted to 2.3 billion rubles. Thanks to the launch of a new complex created 127 new high-paying jobs. Additional tax revenues to the budgets of all levels will exceed 247 million rubles a year.

Ash content of washed coal will account for less than 9% (ash content of raw coal in the mines — 35%). It meets the requirements of the modern world. Capacity of the new section of the PF amount to 5,000,000 tons per year of processing. On the whole factory will produce more than 8 million tons — 2.5 times more than before.

Coal concentrate of high quality to be exported to China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.


Enrichment Plant (RP) at the mine. SM Kirov was built in 1954 with a designed production capacity of 1.9 million tons of coal a year. During the operation has repeatedly made the reconstruction of PF with the power increase, reaching to the top of the 21st century 3,000,000 tons. Due to their stable output shaft. SM Kirov on the production volume of 4.5 million tons, SUEK has decided to increase the plant's capacity by creating additional housing.

Since October 2012 are pilot testing of the second block of PF. Now the new factory came to the design level of monthly load on processing of raw coal with a calorific value of the brand D concentrate to 6.7 million kcal, 8.2% ash, 7.5% moisture

The concentrator is equipped with the most modern equipment, automated control system of technological processes and machines. Coal processing occurs in jigs by "Batak" with a capacity of 800 t / h It is specially designed for RP mine them. SM Kirov. Along with the new unit continues to operate the modernized old factory mine. Independent circuit supplying raw coal makes it possible to separate coal mines to enrich them. SM Kirov and other coal mining companies. Refining capacity of processing complex are more than 8.5 million tons of coal a year.

For the first time in the industry has created a unified closed water circuit on the new and the old factory units, which allows to eliminate the slurry ponds in the floodplain Yin (62 hectares).

Most importantly, the factory will be environmentally safe production. The new section is designed so that the load on the environment is minimized. This created a vicious cycle of industrial water use.

The company made sure to move people whose homes were in the sanitary protection zone factory.

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