In the Kemerovo region commissioned a new substation

In the Kemerovo region officially launched a new 500 kV substation "Kuzbass". It will significantly increase the reliability of electricity supply in the region with a population of nearly 3 million people, and will enable the development of the coal and steel industry in the south of Kuzbass.


Agreement with the authorities of Kuzbass "Federal Grid Company" (FGC) provide further upgrade electric grid south of the Kemerovo region. Already under way for the reconstruction of substations "Elanskaya" and NKAZ-2 (220 kV, Novokuznetsk), and "Mezhdurechenskaya" (220 kV, Mezhdurechensk). The total volume of investment "FGC" in the next three years in the development of the energy Kuzbass is expected to be more than 9 billion.


Substation "Kuzbass" worth 5.5 billion rubles — a unique object. It was built in less than two years, although these substations are usually built about three years. The speed of construction, probably influenced keen desire of the authorities to have the Kuzbass object in its territory, as land in Prokopyevsky areas near Novokuznetsk and the Kemerovo region for the construction of a substation and calling it 80 km of transmission lines 220 kV and 500 were provided in the record, by the standards of Russian regions as possible. And the position of the government can be understood — "Kuzbass" will become a key energy facilities necessary for the further industrial development of the south of the Kemerovo region.

Now this part of the region's electricity supply is via 500 kV substation "Novokuznetsk". Over the 35 years of its operation it is outdated morally and physically. And its low bandwidth has led to the formation of a persistent power shortages. But to stop the "Novokuznetskaya" for reconstruction was impossible, because then South Kuzbass general would remain without electricity (such a situation, for example, was until late last year in the Samara region).

Commissioning of the substation "Kuzbass" a total capacity of 801 MVA will provide an opportunity not only to eliminate the shortage of electricity in the power district, but also intensify the development Taldinskogo Erunakovskogo and coal deposits, to more effectively distribute the load between the seasonal thermal power and hydropower and to repair equipment in power plants and network sites in the southern Kuzbass without restrictions on electricity consumers (including the reconstruction of the substation "Novokuznetsk").

It is interesting and new technical device Kuzbass substation. "Federal Grid Company" built it in such a way as to ensure maximum reliability and safety of this facility. For example, by the phase set backup power 267 MVA, which can be activated by a sudden failure of one of the main phases. The substation is equipped with modern gas-insulated switches, produced in France, microprocessor relay protection and emergency control, remote control and communication. There is used an automated process control system and metering. The project provides for even the presence of the substation are sewage treatment plants, although its very design virtually eliminates any releases to the environment.

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