In the Kemerovo region in 2012. Russia planted a record in the number of trees — 1300000

Summing up the regional share of planting of greenery in 2012, deputy governor of the Kemerovo Region for Natural Resources and Environment NY Vashlaeva noted that the Kuzbass is the eleventh consecutive year the massive tree-planting campaign. Kemerovo region — the only region in Russia, where the landscaping takes on such a scale.


In Russia such actions took place for the first time just last year.
"Month of planting trees drew public attention to the great importance of forests and forestry. Especially important was the involvement of children in the shares, it is necessary to train a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens ", — said today at the online conference NY Vashlaeva
According to the Deputy Governor of the same in the 2012 Green Fund Kuzbass added 1 million 334 thousand trees, of which 1 million 45 thousand plants planted in the spring and 289 thousand — in the fall. 

As the NY Vashlaeva, the distinguishing feature of the autumn planting season was memorable alleys to mark the 70th anniversary of the region. This fall, they added more than 200. As the most striking example, NY Vashlaeva allocated Tashtagol, which created the two parks on the principle geoplastiki. Trees planted in the form of an inscription "70 years of Kuzbass". One inscription is Tashtagol of 840 pines, in the second paragraph Mundybash — two thousand spirit. 
In 2012, the largest number of trees planted in the Kemerovo and Mezhdurechensk. Among the districts in the number of trees planted in the forests and in urban areas lead Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Mariinsky and Tashtagol. 
As noted by the NY Vashlaeva, kuzbassovtsev enthusiastically supported the All-Russian campaign "Live the forest!". On the ecological clean cleaned springs, lakeshores, rivers, recreational facilities, roadsides, village and urban forests. Were removed 176 illegal dumping household waste, cut down more than 500 cubic meters of dead, windfall trees and impassable. 
The action was attended by over 87.5 million people. As a result, exported 17,941 cubic meters of debris. 
— All these activities have brought significant benefits to the region. First, the improved sanitary condition of township and urban forests. In addition, the work has helped to improve the fire safety of communities. Another advantage of the action is the fact that the opportunity to provide firewood vulnerable people — said N. Yu Vashlaeva
Responding to questions from journalists about the prospects of such shares, NY Vashlaeva expressed confidence that in the next year planting area will continue. "Although scientists are still not developed a methodology that would allow to evaluate the benefits of money that brings the forest, yet it is undeniable. Our wonderful tradition to create forests and parks — an investment in the future of our children, — summed up his speech NY Vashlaeva.

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