In the Kemerovo region opened the first phase of a new cottage settlement

November 30, the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev attended the opening of the first phase of the cottage village of Cheryomushki, located in Berezovsky. New settlers were employees of the holding "SDS-Coal."


Cheremushki constructed for the year just 3 km from the city center, in a green area, surrounded by ancient forests. Here "from scratch" all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life, entered the European level housing for young families — a two-storey 16-apartment building. For the middle class built three townhouses on 50 apartments with the land on 3-4 ha. For people with higher incomes — 66 cottages of 130 and 160 square meters, with the land of 8 acres and above.

"Everywhere in the civilized world, people seek to live closer to the earth, nature, and the children were running across the green grass, playing on the lawn, and could see from the window is not dull gray" box "high-rise buildings and the river, woods, fields and hills. And, of course, that it saves all the good, all the amenities of city life — said Tula. — I am deeply convinced that the Kuzbass — special people: smart, talented, hard-working, this is our greatest wealth. And our fellow countrymen deserve the highest quality of life — at the level of the world standards. "

All brick home, in their construction were used the most advanced insulation, which is not afraid of any cold weather. The cottages are built on the latest environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies: a unique double-glazed windows with argon gas that traps heat, insulated facade, solar panels for lighting, water heating through the floors. They are also equipped with heat-insulated garage with automatic door, which opened with a special remote control, and a veranda of aluminum with tinted windows.

Along with the housing in Cheryomushki introduced and other major facilities. The village has a chapel-shrine to the patron of miners Barbara the Great Martyr. Settling and Recreation Area: already equipped with hiking and biking trails, there is Rowan alley for walks with children with many benches. Built a sports stadium with mini-football field, volleyball and basketball courts, two tennis courts. And now, in the winter, this place will be a skating rink. In the village there is a large park area, where soon there will be children's playground with entertainment center, swings, roundabouts.

As noted Tuleyev, in general, a large-scale operation. The whole village had to completely provide heat, water and electricity. For installation of networks built teplouzel and fully automated pumping station. In case of damage or leakage failure information instantly appears on the monitor controller. Thanks to the exact coordinates can quickly resolve the problem. During the construction of the heating used the stainless steel tubes "kasafleks" — from super-tough energy-saving materials, with special insulation, which allows them to dig into the ground only 70 centimeters and specialists offer a guarantee that the pipeline would not serve properly repair a minimum of 50 years (standard — 15 -20 years). All over the village did not see a single battery or radiator — detached houses, townhouses and apartments in the house are heated entirely new way — warm floors (previously used a dot — for example, in the bathrooms).

Full commissioning of a new settlement (two turns) would almost completely solve the housing problem of workers' Chernigovets. " Today the keys to new homes have already received the first 66 families: honored and honorable workers, young professionals, workers, engineers and technicians of the cut and the other holding companies (mine "South", "Barzas quarry"). In 2012 it is planned to introduce the second part of the village (another 66 families).

In general, the construction of the settlement will cost the company "SDS" (with the launch in 2012, the second phase) over 374 million rubles. In the village set the same price for one square meter of housing with trim and apartments, and townhouses, and detached — 25 thousand rubles. A section of employees — total 18.5 thousand (the difference will pay in addition the company). In addition, the holding company has provided workers' Chernigovets "superlgotnye loan terms: 30% of the cost of housing provides the enterprise for a period of up to ten years at 6.5% per annum, the balance is extinguished by the sale of the apartment or house-warming party with a reduced mortgage at the bank at 8% per annum.

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