In the Kirov OKB started work in a unique neurosurgical equipment

In the Kirov regional hospital for the first time put into the work of a unique neurosurgical equipment — Neuronavigated station. She acquired under the federal program for vascular 13.5 million.

To date, the new system was operated for 8 patients.

Recently, similar like computer navigation station appeared in travmbolnitse. But her profile the other — it is used for operations on the hip joints. The station was acquired in the framework of the modernization of health care for 11.2 million rubles. 

"This is a modern high-tech equipment, which raises the provision of neurosurgical care in our region to a new level — said the deputy chief medical officer of the Kirov Regional Hospital for surgery Michael Motovilov. — The same systems are at the leading medical centers in Russia, Europe and America. In our region, such equipment appeared for the first time. "



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