In the Kirov region, a network of vascular centers

In the Kirov region, a network of vascular centers in the federal program to improve medical care for patients with vascular disease.  Since the autumn of 2011 is phased start-up 3 primary vascular centers (based on Sloboda CCH, CRH and the Soviet Kirov City Clinical Hospital № 1) and one regional (on the basis of the Kirov Regional Hospital).

The first phase of opening primary vascular center in Sloboda in September 2011, in the middle of January 2012 Center running at full capacity.

February 21, 2012 earned Regional Vascular Center at the base of the Kirov Regional Hospital. The center includes a department for patients with acute ischemic stroke by 48 beds (with the office of intensive care for 12 beds) and the Department for patients with acute coronary syndrome by 48 beds (with the office of intensive care for 12 beds).

Regional Vascular Center (RIC) has been working around the clock. Patients with suspected heart attack or stroke go directly to the RIC, bypassing the hospital emergency room. The Centre urgently performed diagnosis, if necessary — computed tomography, identifies the causes of the acute condition, were under treatment.

Assistant chief physicians in the diagnosis — CT scanner.

"The new 64-slice spiral CT scanner can identify a few minutes pathological changes in the human body, such as tumor processes, vasoconstriction, and others, — says Alexei radiologist Kozmodemyanov. — The study takes place simultaneously in several parts of the human body, the device allows you to build a three-dimensional image, to see the pathology in different planes ".

rehabilitation of patients in the Regional Vascular Center will be held with special massage tables.







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