In the Kirov region opened a new dairy plant agro Doronichi

Plant for the production of milk is located in the village of Kirov-Pasegovo Chepetskiy district. The amount of investment in the plant exceeded 200 million rubles, which should pay off in about seven years. The area of the new building is over 3000 square meters. meters, the capacity of the plant is designed to produce up to 150 tons of dairy products per day at full automation.

According to plans of the enterprise, and 90% of processed milk will come from their own farm agro "Doronichi." In the "Kirov dairy company", which belongs to the group of companies "Doronichi," explained that the plant will produce products under the brand "healthy cows" and the trademark "Krasnogorsk."

New dairy plant opens in the Kirov region for the first time since the mid 80s. Most of the plant with the equipment, which was founded in the Kirov region by "Russian Dairy machines."

Earlier in the stores appeared "Pasegovskoe milk", sour cream and other dairy products "Pasegovskogo peasant farming." Then production was bought agrofirm "Doronichi" completely transformed.


  • construction of a factory
  • construction of a factory

— The plant — is undoubtedly an incentive not only to create healthy competition in this market, but also for the development selhoztovaroproizvodstva — said the director of development group of companies "Doronichi" Yuri Vlasenko at a press conference on the launch of production. — Today in the Kirov region nadaivaetsya daily over a thousand tons of milk a day. From 400 to 500 tons of milk exported from the region, so we kind of — a raw material appendage to the neighboring regions. Since this can not be tolerated, we must have its own production and export its own product, the maximum amount of income left in our budget.

In 2013, "Doronichi" has also started construction of a cheese factory in Swifts. According to plans, the plant should be built for one and a half years — by May-June '14.

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