In the Perm region have found the ruins of an ancient civilization

In Perm, found the ruins of an ancient civilization

At the top of the stone Tulymskogo that reserve "Vishersky" joint expedition of Perm club and geographical PGNIU scientists discovered the ruins of an ancient civilization. Probable age of the finds can amount to tens of thousands of years, but as long as it is only speculation and conjecture.
Eskspeditsiya held in early August. Her goal — the search and collection of aquatic insect samples from the top Tulymskogo stone. Incidental purpose — to examine or refute the information director of the Perm geographical club Radhika Garipova existed on Tulymskom stone remnants of ancient civilizations.

Background: The summer of 1994, when the chief forester Reserve "Vishersky" Radik Garipov inspect cordons Reserve. When passing through the ridge Tulymskogo stone he found a bit of regular cubes, with the face of about 2 meters. At that moment that the cubes are artificial.
Check the version did not work due to a severe injury. August 2 this year, it was decided to carry out the associated output to search for possible traces of ancient civilizations. Group in reserve "Vishersky" went in this format: Andrew Gryshchenko Radik Garipov Andrei Bolotov and Artem Bolotov.
At the top of the stone were made Tulymskogo photo. While still on the ground, the expedition turned a strange delicacy, perfectly flat, as if the cleared area directly on the ridge Tulyma. It exceeded the size of a football field.
"In more detailed examination pictures I saw that the object of much more serious than is allowed to assume. This area is perfect undoubtedly seen, I aviator as saying. Approaches are open, everything is perfect, — says Mr. Garipov. — Wind for the people who could commit such a stone, I think there were a problem for their aircraft too. If your helicopter at the current time can sit in this place, in those days, the technique was more serious, and the climate could be different. "
Radik Raufisovich not exclude that the site could have something to do with UFOs, because he repeatedly witnessed glowing balls flying over the reserve. However, he says that nothing is said about it. It may be so, but maybe not.
In a study of one of the peaks Tulymskogo stone on his side of expedition member Andrei Bolotov found fragments of stone slabs with the next. Presumably this is a fragment of a stone foundation for a technical device, probably a lighthouse.
"This is exactly what was found. Cobblestone with traces of technological processing, I would say high-tech. Obviously, we have a session with tooling sericite schists, — says the head of the expedition Andrew Gryshchenko. — And in some places, sanding property is such that the surface is not able to penetrate more lichens. Despite the tremendous time. We are dealing with high-tech at the height of nearly a mile in a very ancient time. "
Scientists say ancient, considering that the building was on the top in the pre-glacial period. Because processed stone was found on the side and not on top of the mountain, then the whole structure completely "blew away" from above the glacier. Note on the properties sericite schist similar to granite.
"We are apparently dealing with the ruins of a building. I had a thought, maybe it's a box from the beacon, for example — still build guesses Radik Garipov. — And there must be some component of food, yes. Maybe it was a radioactive element. Measure the background it would be interesting. "
Most interesting is that finding in Tulymskom stone is unparalleled in our country. The remains of ancient stone structures were also found in other inaccessible remote areas. It is worth noting that to achieve Tulymskogo stone, need either a helicopter or a lotta free time and endurance-trained body. Due to the fact that the road there is not, and will have to walk tens of kilometers along the forest, on the way to overcome a lot of obstacles.
"Recently, I contacted the man, the one that detects such in Kolyma, — continues the source. — It is suggested that all these buildings that are obviously man-made, they are located in areas of gold mining. And clearly mapped. Indeed, Kolyma, Machu Picchu, Visscher. Everything fits into this theory. "
Members of the expedition did not want to say anything, but the field for conjecture, which arose as a result of findings, excessively fertile. Explorers and scientists hope to complete and comprehensive study Tulymskogo stone.

Constantine Zavalin, video and Eugenia Chashkin Radhika Garipova
Video and installation Eugenia Chashkin

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