In the radio debate was attended by the candidates and proxies

In the radio debate, which took place on December 5 on the first program of the Belarusian Radio, attended the presidential candidates Grigory Kastusyou, Ales Mikhalevich and Victor Tereshchenko and Anatoly Lebedko (trustee Yaroslav Romanchuk), Anatoly Mihnovets (trustee Vital Rymasheuski), Alexander Fyaduta ( confidant of Vladimir Neklyaeva), Sergei Martsylev (Nikolai Statkevich trustee).


Participants in the debate, according to the draw, had the opportunity to make brief appearances at the beginning and end of the program, as well as answering questions of the presenter, common to all participants.

The first began by Anatoly Lebedko, He spoke in Russian, but ask leading questions in Belarusian. Lyabedzka told why Lukashenko has to go.

Kastusyou tezysna spoke about the points of their program, which "differs from that of the other candidates." He said that going to the polls to protect the interests of the Belarusian naroda.Treba dispel the myth that Belarus is the Russian boarder.

We help Russian officials to build houses on the ruble. BNF — for the way of Belarus in Europe.

Tereshchenko reiterated that international funds robbing the people of Belarus. Without fair elections to let the chance of a better life.

Michalevic described his program of evolutionary modernization of Belarus.

Anatoly Mihnovets stated that "we know that there is no election, but we want to convey that there are people, there is an alternative." Called on December 19 and 20 hours to come to the central square in Minsk to defend their choice.

Alexander Fyaduta said that the main points in the Democratic candidates have no differences, including the assessment of the situation. He said that "Lukashenko — it is an endless war with the West, with the East. Products" Gomselmash "will not buy because the Russian government said it did not issue a credit. The same applies to the products of other large enterprises. Urged to vote for Democratic candidates and to come to the area on December 19.
The phrase "enemies of the people", which uses not used in Belarus since Stalin.

Martsylev stated that no elections and they have turned into a circus and a farce. Our goal is to have your voice counted honestly. The authorities should give back what stole — fair elections.

Liabedzka noted that "the judiciary has reached sukalizatsyya low point." Parliament should be elected, the court — it's not the telephone law, and the principle of the law. The government should carry out their functions. Both public and independent media should be placed in the same conditions.

Kastusyou said that Belarus should be independent of threats from the east threaten the loss of independence. We have to be ready to defend independence. It can only defend the BNF and the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front.

On Tereshchenko, Attorney General and the need to appoint judges through parliament. That they are not appointed by the president. With the present system will remain director of the whipping boys, but the people will be deceived.

On Ales Mikhalevich, Europe or Russia — do not correct the issue. It offers "equal strategic partnership with Russia and Europe, less ideology and more to the economy in its relations with Russia."

Mr. Mihnovets said that Belarus should adopt policies belarusatsentryzmu. In the center of interest should be the interests of the Belarusian people. Power, which is not popular, and is designed for. The urge to take a policy framework for Christian principles.

Martsylev noted that "brazenly lying BT and radio." Who is the enemy of Russian make.

On Fyaduta, half a million Belarusians disappeared in a social system based Lukashenko. Where did all Gomel? We are dealing with the disaster. Expanded vertical which controls it. Reduction of one controller will raise the retirement of five seniors.

On the question of the leader, which is the best you have to offer Belarus, Alexander Fyaduta said that the best of Belarus, if more people are born than die. 400 million is for the maintenance of the president. This money will be enough to help families.

Martsylev said why this question is not asked, and Lukashenko. What he has to offer, in addition to their ambitions and promises?

Fyaduta said that Lukashenko will offer nanotechnology, in a time when the U.S. is not even in every hospital

Kastusyou noted. in Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster, fly Russian missile with nuclear warhead. He proposed the establishment of a nuclear-free air zone from Belarus, Poland, and Russia.

Liabedzka said that a million jobs is an absolute reality. This will help entrepreneurs and investment.

Answering the question of the leader, that, well, a lot of promises, and how to make money on them, Tereshtchenko recalled the country's independence from foreign currency from international funds. It is dangerous to take out loans. We want to protect the working man from rising prices.

Mr. Mihnovets noted that through the reforms we can change everything. The main thing that people were free. He called for the reduction of the bureaucratic system, the reform of the army, the medical sphere and education.

Mikhalevich said: "I am the one candidate who does not promise to populist measures." We have to find the money through the creation of new jobs, investment, business, through this we can increase tax collection.

On the question of whether one is willing candidate to become president of the nation, Gregory Kastusyou said that all nations will be the leader.

Liabedzka said that if the president will be Romanchuk, the chic culture minister appointed Nyaklyayeu, Foreign Minister Andrei Sannikov and Nikolai Statkevich Defense Minister Grigory Kastusyou head housing. But Lukashenko — perfect minister of agriculture.

On Martsylevym, Statkevich with deep respect to all alternative candidates. The first — a worthy president of the Belarusian people.

On Fyaduta, President — this is an example of morality and spirituality should be a believer, but not Orthodox atheist and has no right to call their opponents thugs.

Mr. Tsyarshachenka mentioned that over the years has worked on projects and its economic program. He urged voters to read his program.

On Mihnovtsa, Rymashevski — worthy president, he is looking for friends, not enemies.

Finally, all participants were able to radio debates brief speech.

Mr. Liabedzka reminded that our strategy to build a new slogan, keep the best. Our future is in our hands. Dec. 19 Take warm clothes and the mother, and come to the area to defend free choice.

Mr. Kastusyou said that we are hard-working people, but why do we live worse than others. If the proposal BNF in 1994 were adopted, we would live not worse, than the citizens of Western Europe. We decide the fate of our children and grandchildren. Called on the square.

Tereshchenko addressed to friends of election commissions and the executive TENS and be accountable to their children.

Mikhalevich urged not to participate in early voting. And only on December 19. Together we Belarus!

Mihnovets recalled that Rymashevski calls Dec. 19 to vote for Democratic candidates, and to come to the area, do not go to vote early. In the first round, no one can win. Lukashenko wants to steal our victory. Come. Appealed to the security agencies and government officials, who will be forced to falsify the elections, do not do it.

Fyaduta called to be citizens. He noted that Nekljaev takes responsibility for the area in which it will occur. Only vote on December 19. Support the right of Belarus to be a democratic country. Fyaduta addressed to friends of election commissions — for pieces of silver Judas not to sell their children's future.

Martsylev called on 19 December not to succumb to provocations, if they are forced to vote early. Invited to the square. He recalled that on 19 December is the feast of St. Nicholas. "This is a birthday Nikolai Viktorovich Statkievich."

At the end of the transfer members shouted slogans like "Long live Belarus! Lives with God lives forever!"

Also, listen to a brief analysis of the debate browser RL Yuri Drakakhrust:


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