In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sins: it is impossible to dance and enjoy your cup

In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sinsThe Internet erupted another scandal with the ROC. On the Internet a "new" list of sins of the Russian Church. Bloggers accused the church of obscurantism, which gives the Middle Ages.

Scandalous "list of sins" called "Memo Confessor" in question was found in Vologda, in the Holy Prilutskaya monastery."Corrected and amended in accordance with the current political situation and raising the faceless herd of slaves"— Wrote in his blog one of the "pioneers" list, says "argument."

Against the background of scandals with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church (the road for hours, quarters and so on), this leaflet looks particularly colorful, web users say.

The following is a full list of "sins."

Memo confessor

In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sins

Sins against God

1.Otritsanie suscha (atheism).

2.Somneniya the existence of the afterlife.

3.Somnenie in the existence of hell and eternal torment.

4.Neverie in God as in Providence, Trustee of our lives.

5.Neverie in God, as in Vezdeprisutstvuyuschego, All-Seeing.

6.Somnenie or disbelief in any other truths of the Orthodox faith.

7.Nezhelanie have a true knowledge of the Orthodox faith.

8.Neposeschenie church on Sundays and public holidays.

9.Razgovory in the temple.

10.Dlitelnoe non-participation in the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.

11.Pospeshnost in prayer.

12.Vytesnenie God out of the mind and the heart of a variety of tastes and this life, the vain cares.

13.Svyatotatstvo (disparagement, mockery of the temple, crosses, icons and other sacred objects).

14.Igra cards.

15.Koschunstvo (osmeivanie any religious truth).

16.Upominanie name of God, the saints in vain talk.

17.Upominanie unnecessarily evil forces; chertyhanie.

18.Sueverie (belief in omens, dreams, the belief in the evil eye, damage, fear of witches).

19.Ispovedanie false religions (non-Orthodox).

20.Obraschenie assistance from ministers of Satan (sorcerer, witch, psychics, hypnotists, bioenergy, encoders, etc.).

21.Uchastie in pioneering, Komsomol and Party and other organizations that deny the existence of God.

22.Uchastie demonstrations. New Year celebrations (Christmas falls on post).

23.Poseschenie mausoleum, placing flowers monument to the leader of the revolution.

24.Neumerennoe Fitr at Christmas, Easter (drinking, festivals, walking the guests).

25.Uklonenie from service in the Armed Forces.

In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sins

Sins against neighbor

1.Halatnoe fulfill their responsibilities at work and at home.

2.Nepochitanie parents' refusal to assist them.

3.Nepochtitelnoe attitude to state. authorities, chiefs, the guardians of public order, the military, the most senior.

4.Nevospitanie children in the Orthodox faith.

5.Oskorbit, angering neighbors, to cause annoyance, frustration.

6.Nanesenie beating. Murder.


8.Hudo talk about their neighbors.

9.Proklinat neighbor wish him death, misery.

10.Razglashenie other people's weaknesses, abominable deeds.


12.Soblaznenie neighbor to sin (pay vodka, his bare body on the beach, wearing a short, immodest clothing, etc.).

Sins against himself

1) Plotougodie

• relentless gluttony.

• The habit of pleasing yourself to the tasty meat.

• Failure to observe fasts.

• sybaritic life (lack of bodily labor, the habit mnogospaniyu, attachment to comfort, etc.).

2) fornication

• Prodigal thoughts, dreams. Souslazhdenie these thoughts.

• Read books on the subject, watching TV and photos.

• Dance.

• Illegal connections before marriage.

• Betrayal of adultery.

• Cohabitation in marriage, not consecrated by the sacrament of the wedding.

• Intemperance spouse during Lent, on the eve of Sunday, holidays.

• fornication against nature (masturbation, or masturbation, same-sex intercourse, bestiality).

3) Covetousness

• addiction to money, property.

• The desire to get rich.

• Greed, greed.

• Aimless collecting.

• Theft.

• Robbery.

• A passion for some things (favorite cup, vase, etc.).

• no mercy to the poor, the needy.

• Msheloimstvo (luxury consumption).

• overworking yourself extra work in order to earn more money.

In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sins

• Fraud for profit.

4) Anger

• testy.

• disturbance of the heart with rage.

• The argument turns into a scandal, the disturbing heart anger.

• Bran, cruel, sarcastic words.

• Shot put in anger. Beatings. Murder.

• rancor (nurture hatred for giving offense).

• Hate.

• Hostility.

• Cruelty to animals.

• Breakage of things in anger.

• curse men in anger, wanting him dead, misery.

5) Grief

• Grieving Soul, the loss of good mood on various occasions (few eat or taste good, lost a thing, money, you can not relax, do not respect, abuse, etc.)

• The ingratitude to God for everything that happens.

• Impatience in any case.

• Nesamoukorenie (not guilty when perceive failure, misery, grief).

• murmur (lament his fate thin, blame neighbors for his failures, consider all the trouble undeserved).

• cursed himself, willing himself to die, fatalities.

• cowardice.

6) Discouragement

• dejected state of mind, weakness, apathy.

• Laziness for every good work, especially for prayer.

• inattention, distraction in prayer.

• Negligence.

• irreverent attitude to the shrines.

• Placing a comforting bedtime.

• idle talk, joke, koschuny gossip.

• Prazdnomyslie (empty fantasies, memories, mental dialogues).

• Frequent, unnecessary trips, visiting friends.

• Idle pastime (tours, restaurants, discos, concerts, gambling, sports, etc.).

• Desperation (lack of hope for God's befallen neschtastiyah).

• Smoking, drinking and drug abuse.

• Loss of sense of life.

• Thoughts of suicide.

7) Vanity

• The search for glory from men (respect, praise, honor, fame).

• Bragging

• Lying to brag.

• The desire to look better than others, for the purchase of fashionable clothes, things, rich furniture, dishes, car, etc.

• Attention to the beauty of your face, appearance, use of cosmetics.

• Attention to the other qualities of the body (posture, slim, athletic).

• Location of worldly sciences, striving to excel in them to acquire earthly honors.

• Shame to confess their sins, hiding them in confession.

• Tendency to disputes.

• rebuke.

• Self-justification:

Kirill Gundyaev loves luxury.

• a) after a perfect sin to justify myself, forgetting about repentance;

• b) when someone exposes — to try to make excuses, look for reasons to lay down the blame from themselves.

• Hypocrisy (acting out of self righteous man, doing good deeds for show).

• Chelovekougodie, flattery, compliments, render praise, honors individuals for their purposes, or out of fear of the boss.

• Envy (grief, desire evil neighbor about his well-being).

• Schadenfreude (joy, jubilation at the failures, near-disaster).

• Zlozhelatelstvo.

• False.

• guile, cunning, unscrupulous.

• Intrigue.

• Tendency to humiliate your neighbor.

• Tendency to attract attention (joke, witty, be original, brightly dressed).

8) Pride

• high opinion of himself, self-worth.

• narcissism.

• Treat yourself to an extraordinary man, endowed with some ability, intelligence, knowledge, strength, beauty, etc.

• Treat yourself righteous before God, worthy of the kingdom of heaven for their own virtues.

• Need for praise.

• Impatience diatribes teachings, reproaches.

• The difficulty of asking for forgiveness.

• Looking for a easy way out.

• In the presence of other constant game on stage, in order to draw attention to themselves. Arrogance.

• Preference himself to all.

• Tendency to leadership, the desire to dominate.

• The desire to teach others, to indicate, to give advice.

• The habit of interfering in the conversation.

• Contempt neighbor.

• Familiarity (liberties with others).

• insolence, rudeness.

• Audacity.

• Smehotvorstvo.

• Stubbornness (not wanting to give up, when it is possible).

• Disobedience superiors state. authorities, etc.

• Peeping, listening, reading other people's letters.

• cravenly afraid.

• causeless insurance.

• Feeling of something terrible. "

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