In the UK, a deadly flesh-eating staph can be picked up even in the bus



Daily Mail has sounded the alarm. According to the UK began to be widely distributed carnivore dangerous staph, striking and corrosive to the skin and flesh.

According to the publication, the infection is officially called MRSA likely to come from the U.S.. These strains are distinguished by increased resistance to antibiotics and the breadth of distribution. They can even catch a ride on a public bus and touching the rail.

Clinical cases presented in these photos is not yet the worst. Most staph scourge of tropical countries, but now it has become widely spread in countries with traditionally more moderate climate.





Experts warn that aureus USA300 is not only trudnozazhivlyaemye ulcers, ulcers and plots with sepsis in the skin, but it is also extremely dangerous to the lungs and causes the so-called carnivorous (necrotic-Necrotizing fasciitis) pneumonia.

U.S. homeland as a possible virus because the first cases of infection it was exposed by the states. According to Dr. Ruth Massey Branch of biology and biochemistry at the University of Bath (Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Bath) in 2011 in the cities of the UK was revealed 1,000 cases of positive tests for staphylococcus of which 200 were from the strains of a dangerous new type of USA300.

-All these samples were not taken from patients in hospitals and in the general population, therefore the strain does not extend through the clinics, but rather through the common areas, possibly through public transport.

According to Massey, USA300 infection in the United States has a big problem and it seems the same appeared in the British Isles. But they are willing to give up the fight against it all possible means.

— During the study of viruses and bacteria we are learning more about the staph-summed Ruth Messi — But there are always new strains that are more dangerous to humans, can kill a healthy person in a very short time.

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