In the vicinity of Saturns talking aliens


Superhuman speech is heard on the recording made probe "Cassini". Mysterious radio signals recorded in 2004, a time when the probe is near the giant planet's rings.

Space probe "Cassini" (Cassini spacecraft) arrived at Saturn June 30, 2004. But, as reported by NASA on its website in the section devoted to the study of the giant planet, even on approach — from April 2002, when the unit is in 374 million kilometers from Saturn — its antennae began to catch the strange radio signals. They are modulated by a frequency from 50 kHz to 500 kHz, and were lots of different pitch.
The most notable record — in the form of electromagnetic signals coming from the planet — was made July 25, 2004, when the probe "Cassini" was already in the vicinity of Saturn's rings. Its specialists NASA transferred to a frequency range visible to the human ear. And released. Like, solely in order to show: See what fun sounds filled the local space. The response was a wave of conspiracy suspicions.

Enthusiasts have shifted several octaves tone of the recorded sounds. And they suddenly look like someone's speech. It was as if some unearthly voice was saying. Like the ones that sound different times in science fiction films. If desired, you can even make out the individual words. But what do they mean, of course, no one knows. And NASA and do not want to know. Since it is not reasonable to believe their source. Mysterious radio signals were captured and recorded using equipment specifically designed for the registration of electromagnetic waves — Cassini radio and plasma wave science instrument.



She ignorant experts from the University of Iowa (University of Iowa, Iowa City), led by Donald Garnett (Donald A. Gurnett), which has long been involved audiolizatsiey (so to speak) of space. That is, making audible signals from certain sources in the solar system. But only the signals from Saturn were so similar to the speech of newcomers.

As explained at the University of Iowa, the signals "speech" is likely generated by the Northern Lights outbursts of Saturn. But it is possible that their source may be located next to the giant planet. Scientists err on the meteor that crashed into the ice-giant planet's rings and make disturbances in the electromagnetic field. But suddenly there is extraterrestrial flying machines? By the way, the satellites of Saturn — Titan and Enceladus — a very mysterious.

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