In the Western Military District received more than 100 new Kamaz trucks with automatic transmission

Military motorists Western Military Region for the first time today started development of new KAMAZ trucks equipped with an automatic transmission. Military drivers, conscripts, began training on the transport of heavy loads on trucks KAMAZ-65225.

Before you get behind the wheel of the newest truck, each of conscripts was theoretical training in specialized classrooms equipped with modern training equipment, including interactive whiteboards. After completion of the theoretical training of cadets training center have undergone simulator training on multimedia simulation simulator, which simulates actual control of heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles of different brands.

Only after successful completion of a theory and a training center for the soldiers drivers admitted to practical driving tractors. On the racetrack, an area of over 10 hectares, young motorists are trained to overcome the uneven terrain, water hazards and other obstacles.

Entered into service automotive divisions WEST KAMAZ trucks with automatic transmissions allow more than 20 percent increase resource manual. In addition, increased and vehicle specifications, capacity increased to 50 tons, and the speed to 90 km / h New cars are fully compliant with Euro-4.

Military Automotive Center, stationed in the city of Voronezh region Ostrogozhsk — modern military school, where conscripts are trained in the management and maintenance of modern wheeled and tracked vehicles coming today to the troops of the Western Military District.

To date, the units and formations of the Western Military District has already received more than 100 new trucks KAMAZ-65225.

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