In word and deed. Mikhail Vorontsov

Difficult for Russia during the late XVIII early XIX century opened a galaxy of outstanding generals and admirals, but there are also those whose fame in the affairs of civilian no less than military success.

One of these individuals was Misha Vorontsov. He was born May 30, 1782, spent his childhood in London. Father — Count Semyon Vorontsov, three years after the birth of the offspring was appointed ambassador to England. In 1784, from acute tuberculosis killed wife of Count Vorontsov. The second time he did not marry, fully devoting herself to raising kids: Misha and Catherine.

For the son Semyon was personally training applets, which included items such as languages, mathematics, history, science, fortification, architecture, music. In the end, Michael Vorontsov had a free 5 languages: Russian, French, English, Greek, and Latin, versed in the arts and literature. Among other things attended the meeting with the Pope Parliament and industrial companies, also visited the Russian ships calling at British ports.

Another important element of education Vorontsov Jr. was craft. From youth he began to learn carpentry, which remained his passion for life.

By age four, Misha S. promoted to ensign Preobrazhensky regiment, which was recorded in the service of a toddler. Here existed such a method of bypassing the established Peter Lofty life for the nobility.

In 19 years, Mike S. gets the best education and is Paul I in chamberlain. But Vorontsov, Sr., knowing the fickle temper of the ruler decides to postpone the trip son home. Perhaps the count, being an experienced politician, think out, than to expire inconsistent behavior of Paul.

By the reign of Alexander I Misha Vorontsov already resides in St. Petersburg, where he met with the officers of the Life Guards regiment. Here Vorontsov decides to dedicate himself to military affairs.

In word and deed.  Mikhail Vorontsov
Portrait of Misha Semenovich Vorontsov, by George Dawe. Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, the Municipal Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)

The title of Chamberlain made it possible to enter into military service with the rank of major general. But Misha S. treats advantage of this and asks him to enroll in the lowest rank of the army. Comply with his request, and he becomes a lieutenant in the Preobrazhensky Regiment.

Sprees in the officers of the company in the gaps between the drill and duty Vorontsov No lure, and in 1803 he was a volunteer in the Caucasus to push off the army of Prince Tsitsianov. Fully display their talents and personal courage, Michael S. booked captain's rank, and the Order of St.. Anne 3rd degree, and St.. Vladimir and St.. ZHoru 4th degree.

Since 1805, the Ravens involved in the Napoleonic wars. In September of the same year he composed the Army Lieutenant General Count Tolstoy covers Pomeranian fortress of Hameln. In 1806 participated in the battle of Pultusk, and in 1807, as commander of the 1st Battalion of the Preobrazhensky Regiment at the Battle of Friedland.

After the Peace of Tilsit Vorontsov waging a war against the Turks. In 1809, he received a submission Narva Regiment. Bazardjik involved in the assault, in the battle of Shumla. In the Balkans, where Vorontsov was sent in autumn 1810 took Plevna, Selvi and hunting.

In 1811, already under the command of Kutuzov, distinguished himself in the battle of Ruschukom, for which granted the golden sword with diamonds, a 4-battles of Calaf and in the battle of Vidin.

The outbreak of war in 1812 is found in the 2nd army of Bagration, coupled with which backs up to Smolensk. Participates in the Battle of Smolensk then at Borodino.

In the battle of Borodino commanded the 2nd consolidated and Grenadier Division. 1st Division battle took collisions at Shevardino. Vorontsov Division together with the 2nd Grenadiers and French counterattacked vyshybli of their busy village. Fight for Shevardinsky redoubt delayed coming of the French and strengthened the position of the village Semenov, later betrothed Bagration flushes.

Here 2nd Grenadier Division of the Combined Vorontsov take upon himself the most powerful blow to the French. To 8 thousand Russian Bonaparte concentrated 8-9 divisions totaling up to 40 million and about 200 guns. Vorontsov was seriously injured, personally leading a bayonet charge of their own grenadiers. Division almost entirely destroyed in the battle for flushes.

Later, when one of utter discussions that the division was missing from the field, Vorontsov sadly corrects: "The division lost on the field."

Count wounded were taken to Moscow, where hospitals were crowded with wounded. At the same time, the servants were engaged in that rescued the master's property. Vorontsov house before the arrival of Misha Semenovich was no exception. Earl gave the order to release the carts and use them to transport the wounded to his estate. Healing there were about 50 officers and more than 300 soldiers. Each recovered provided odezhka and 10 rubles for expenses.

A little before he ozdorovet himself, Vorontsov vorachivaetsya the service. He was appointed to command the individual flying squad in the army Chichagova.
Vorontsov takes an active role in the campaign Abroad Russian army. Struggles in the "Battle of the Nations" at Leipzig, then in Craonne he was able to stand against the superior forces of the French, who ruled by Napoleon. A little later in the storming of Paris, took the suburbs of La Villette.

In 1815, Vorontsov was appointed commander of occupation corps stationed in the French capital. Then it drops a pile of administrative and organizational problems. But, Vorontsov sovladevaet well with them. For the soldiers and officers developed a typical code of conduct prohibiting disrespectful attitude and corporal punishment against the men. At the initiative of Vorontsov and compiled on the basis of their training programs organized by the school for officers of lower rank and a fighter, where senior officers teach writing and grammar.

When in 1818 the housing Vorontsov left France, he has paid all the debts of their own officers, who are done for three years in Paris. According to some reports, Vorontsov for this sold hereditary estate.

In word and deed.  Mikhail Vorontsov

In St. Petersburg, Vorontsov initiatives and not appreciated by the order, the taste of the beauty of the autocracy of Alexander I, «riddled Jacobin spirit" Misha Semenovich's body was disbanded.

Later, in dismissing the petition Vorontsov's resignation, appoints Alexander Semenovich Misha commanding the 3rd Infantry Corps.
In 1820, Vorontsov involved in trying to creation of the "Society of good landlords", which was to deal with issues of liberation from bondage farmers. But the governor and forbids it.

May 7, 1823 Vorontsov is appointed by the Governor-General of New Russia and plenipotentiary in Bessarabia.

From the first sight of assessing the potential of untapped edge Vor
ontsov vigorously takes on the case. Under his leadership in the field are beginning to grow grapes for this purpose are invited experienced breeders sign out different varieties of grapes.

Of course, remembering the experience of the UK, Vorontsov initiates the development of fine-wool sheep.

In the field, a network of educational institutions, including for women, revealed the first public library. Odessa acquire near beautiful buildings built after designs of professional architects, and the entire Crimean peninsula is supplied with good highway along the southern coast of the peninsula.

Vorontsov organized exploration and mining of coal. And the first in Russia made a shipping company.

In 1826, Vorontsov, coupled Ribotpierre sent to negotiate with the Porte, and in 1828 again applied his military talents, taking command of the wounded Menshikov, at the siege of Varna.

In 1844, Vorontsov was appointed governor of the Caucasus with unlimited possibilities. The long-suffering region, which by that time had more than 20 years, waged a guerrilla war against the Russian Empire sought a special approach. Misha S. clearly that Shamil cope only with bayonets will not work. Hike to Dargo is shown and St. Petersburg. After that war strategy changes dramatically. Through the forests of Chechnya and Dagestan are laid Wide openings, arranged strongholds. From the civilian component of the war depended, perhaps, much more than on the military. And now Vorontsov, after Dargo built in princely dignity, clearly this is satisfied. His policy of religious tolerance, ethnic tolerance and equality of all before the law gave abundant fruit. Garish illustration of this is the fact that the Turks invaded the Caucasus during the Crimean War, are not widely supported in their own co-religionists.

In March 1854 at the age of 70 years, Mike has asked Vorontsov's resignation because of the sharply deteriorating health.

In August 1856, Alexander II is for exclusive rewards assigns Highness Prince Vorontsov rank of Field Marshal.

In November of the same year in Odessa Vorontsov dies. The last way under musketry and cannon cannonade him off the entire city.

Misha Semenovich Vorontsov on voluntary funds raised are two of the monument — in Odessa and Tiflis.

His Serene Highness Prince Vorontsov — standard and an example to follow for at least some modern military and politics.

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