In Yoshkar-Ola opened National Arts Centre for Gifted Children

National Centre for the Arts for Gifted Children Mari El opened on Friday, March 15. In this building in April, the National President's move boarding school number 1 for gifted children of the republic.

In 2010 it was decided to build a complex of modern buildings with original architectural and design solutions, providing a comfortable school environment for the harmonious development of gifted children. Functionally divided into secondary school and art school, where facilities are provided for all activities.

There are all conditions for the education of children. Large classes of secondary schools, artists' studios, dance classes, laborantskie, workshops, rehearsal hall, workshops for wood, ceramics, Binding, studio easel composition and easel, a concert hall for 250 people, artistic, store decorations, and more. Rural children will live at the school. For this unit is equipped with a separate space on the principle of a residential complex, here is the dining room, gym, medical office — in short everything you need for a comfortable life.


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