In Zelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) completed the construction of the substation Kamal-1

Through her Boguchan hydro electric power will be supplied to businesses and residents in the home. They built a substation 2 years. All the while, workers toiled under stress — next working substation, built in 1960.


Workers substation "Kamal-1" proudly display the work of the new equipment, most of it is made overseas and has no analogues in the Urals. Substation was built 2 years, now there are commissioning. This substation — one of the units of electric power scheme from Boguchan HPP. Via high-voltage power energy from it will go first to the substation "Angara", not far from Boguchany, then this sub-station, and only from there to the consumers.

Damir Gaifullina: "Beyond the fence is the old part of the substation works," Kamal-1 ", it was built in the 1960's of the last century. She can not cope with the volume of stress that goes from Boguchan plant when it is set up so close to the old part built a new, in fact, a substation just broadened "

Denis STRELTSOV: "We have reached construction readiness — built 2 EVL — almost 500 800 km. length, built one of the largest in Russia, "Angara" — more than 800 hectares, and now we are on the expanded part of the substation "Kamala". This is just the heart, where the voltage comes from Boguchan power plant "

The substation is fully automated, experts will only monitor the operation of the equipment. The voltage will try to sum at the end of this month.

Anatoly Tsykalov: "To carry out this work, it was necessary to work within the constraints, since it might be more difficult to put in the substation from the ground up, and here was conducted only extension. However, you need to understand that there were limiting factors. This action substation energized "

In the authorities' plans to further construction of power grids. The second line will be built, and the line will go to the "Taishet-2-headed" in the Irkutsk region, it is the 2nd stage of electric power scheme.

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