In Zgurovsky district in Kyiv region opened a new pig farm

Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk attended the opening of a new pig farm association "Field Pereyaslavschiny" in Zgurovsky area.

— In carrying out the National Program of Economic Reforms for 2010-2014, launched by the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, Kyiv region confidently continues to open new agricultural enterprises. And that, above all, the additional revenue, new jobs, social support for the local population, — said Anatoly Prysyazhnyuk. 

Today, the area is already built five pig farms (one — to Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky and Baryshevsky areas, four — in Zgurovsky). The opening of the sixth company will provide the residents of Kyiv region with quality meat products. In general, the Kyiv region already has more than 25 stores, "piglet", which is the realization of a full range of meat products.

— The Association "Field Pereyaslavschiny" is not only connected with agriculture and animal husbandry, but also with the construction work. And it's jobs, people's welfare and the revival of the Ukrainian village — said the chairman of the Agricultural Association "Field Pereyaslavschiny" Alexander Mostipan.

According to him, the new pig farm will provide 30,000 pigs feeding at the same time. Average time of growing animals will last 150-168 days. Established an autonomous heating system, which allows you to hold a stable temperature throughout the year in areas — 22-24 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the company uses energy-saving technologies that allow the company to save 1500000 hryvnia per year.

All pig farms are modern, fully mechanized and automated systems are safe for the environment. Animal welfare, balanced feeding system provides indicators on the level of the best complexes in Europe.

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