In Zheleznogorsk opened TSEPP Siberian branch of the Russian Emergencies Ministry

July 16 opening of the Siberian branch of the Center of emergency psychological aid the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Appointment of institutions — a complete and comprehensive restoration of mental and physical health. Equipping of the center allows us to solve the problems with the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as gastro-intestinal tract. A physical state is accompanied by psychological and correctional work.

In addition to the rehabilitation center is engaged in psychological and psycho-physiological diagnostics contingent of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations units (professional psychological selection, postekspeditsionnoe psychodiagnostic examination of professionals involved in emergency management, and other applied research), as well as the provision of emergency psychological aid to victims of emergencies and fires, the implementation of psychological support rescue and other emergency operations.


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