Industry cancer treatment is not interested in the appearance of his medication


To date, there is a safe and effective cure for cancer. It was found in the person of the drug that was once used for the treatment of metabolic problems. Nevertheless, the cancer industry shows no signs of interest in further studies of this substance called dichloroacetate (DCA), first published by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, in 2007. The reason is that it is not patented.

Canadian scientists study also confirmed that cancer is a metabolic disorder, not a strange mutation of cells, which have often tried to explain the genetic causes. But medical mafia does not want you to know about it.

Since Nixon declared a "war on cancer" in 1970, the cancer industry has successfully mastered the money allocated to research is extremely expensive chemicals, from 50 to 100 thousand dollars per course — on toxic therapy that rarely give results.

Chemicals usually lead to an increase in demand and the accompanying medications designed to ease their terrible side effects. Meanwhile, more and more people get cancer and more die from it, mostly because of a toxic therapy.

Explanation of the results of research DCA

Evangelos Mikelakis and the research team at the University of Alberta tested DCA on human cancer cells outside the body for cancer patients and mice, and has achieved considerable success. What is curious, DCA has already been used once — for the treatment of unusual metabolic disorders. The worst side effect of it, but that is rarely manifested itself — was to a certain lethargy patient.

Mice were given drinking water preparation and in weeks they showed a significant reduction of cancer. This showed that DCA may be administered orally. The very same drug works by restoring the cellular mitochondria. Mikelakis and his team found that the mitochondria in the cancer cell is irreversibly damaged and unrecoverable, as previously thought traditional medicine.

Exploiting irregularities in the mitochondria, cancer cells use glucose fermentation process to produce the energy necessary for their own survival. Fermentation occurs when glycolysis (an intracellular process of converting glucose approx. Mixednews) goes into an anaerobic cellular environment, which can be created by the action of tumor masses, toxins, and low pH levels.
DCA restores the mitochondria in the cells, allowing them to function normally. Another function of healthy mitochondria is the signaling of apoptosis, the process of cellular self-destruction. Conventional cells die and are replaced continuously. But in cancer cells of apoptosis signal is suppressed, and this makes the cancer cells are essentially "immortal."

Researchers at the University of Alberta also found that during fermentation glycolysis in cancer cells is produced lactic acid. Lactic acid degrades collagen, which holds the cells together within the body of tumor. This allows the cancer cells to break away from the tumor easily during the classical anti-cancer therapy.

Canadian scientists have called this the reason that cancers metastasize, spread to other parts of the body, or recur after remission from himoterapii.

The tragic hypocrisy

The alternative cancer therapies have little or no problems with metastatic or even reappearance of cancer after remission. A more general alternative cancer therapy completely.
DCA offers a cancer pharmaceutical industry the opportunity to get a drug that is much cheaper and much safer than currently existing traditional means. And yet the cancer industry ignores this possibility. Instead, the DCA as a homeless vagabond forced to ask for more research funding to avoid persecution by the law for the use of generic drugs for the treatment of cancer.

Alternative cancer therapists are just tried this tool in their practice, and when they get positive results, then just share it with those who care about healing is more than about making money and getting more power.
Medical Mafia has created a network that earns a lot of money for the care of cancer patients instead of healing them. All scammers are well versed in the financial principles. Cancer industry blames alternative therapists in medical quackery and the use of preemption provisions of the seriously ill for financial gain. Blaming others for their own motives and crimes is called projection. (Emphasis author, approx. Mixednews)

Thus far, the medical / pharmaceutical complex — it is a close friend of capitalism, which does not want to cure cancer appeared anywhere else.

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