Initiation and initiation in the Slavic tradition

But the path of reaching a rule, follow the ancient Pocono that the gods themselves were left to our ancestors, necessarily reached Initiation, which is carried out by the gods of the Magi, or the gods themselves.

But the path of reaching a rule, follow the ancient Pocono that the gods themselves were left to our ancestors, necessarily reached Initiation, which is carried out by the gods of the Magi, or the gods themselves. In ancient times, the young boy went for nine days to live on the Sanctuary, where you were all alone. There, after some tests (9 days alone — is a serious test, which in our social world, few will) they are generic Spirit — Ancestor and opened his family name. Boy (as not to call him after this man?) Received the sacred name and became a full member of the clan or community. Sacred name (possibly generic) awakens ancestral memory and connects man to channel his family and now he has seen and the unseen connection with all its neighbors and distant relatives, who left the earthly plane. He can listen to their wise counsel and communicate with them not only during the holidays, with rites and svyatoDeystv, but in the hour of urgent need.
This is the case when marking the Ancestral Spirit / spirit of Rod (the power of the ancestors).

Dedication held Magi

Consider Dedication conducted Magi. Let's understand first who the Magi. At its core,Magus is a clergyman, who devoted his life to serving God and people with ties to the gods.Depending on their position in the hierarchy of the Magi, has a certain power and knowledge. The wise men, since the Christianization of Rus to the present day, as carriers of knowledge and power, were persecuted and total destruction. Attention! — Please do not confuse and not defile the sacred memory of the Slavic witch, tying them with the "mummers" who call themselves magicians, but the power, wisdom and knowledge, not even catch up with the children the Vedic Russia! We wish them the wisdom, understanding and common sense ..

We return to the Slavic sorcerers: has the power, they were agents of divine energy and fire, which could simply destroy not ready to accept his man. The cleaner the physical and subtle bodies, the greater the amount of energy could take and carry through itself Magus. What can I say, when many of the same masks, for their rites of alcohol use *! .. What power they are able to accept and convey to people? ..

Rites to field forces (Sanctuary or Temple), akkamuliroval energy and fed the initiate. During this action, the gods could manifest itself as a force of nature and the elements. We can say that the dedication could be accompanied by vivid natural phenomena, often storm. Most likely, the place became the epicenter of initiation (imagine how much courage necessary to stand at this hour in this place). Further through Magus held strong flow of energy and passed the initiate. At this point, cleared the subtle bodies and the young warrior filled heavenly fire, he appeared before the unprecedented opportunities and Power. Dedicated to the Warriors of Heaven acquires Contact squad, which is also a danger point could come to the rescue and defeat enemies.
Dedication by the forces of nature and the elements

In these days, when the Magi of people do not live, marking the first phase of Ancestors. Guardian spirit and Higher "I" person, leading him to life, according to a pre-defined "route" and plan. If we are worthy of being tested and show love, wisdom, power, correctly identified and fulfill its destiny-pass for Initiation gods and the forces of nature! Usually, this can happen after a serious action when checking availability of a higher power going, if "tests" on morality, ethics and humanity successfully delivered. Such an initiate can "accidentally" appear in almost lightning storm and pass out of contact with the power of the gods, their energies. It is important that at this time next was a knowledgeable person who can explain what is happening and what to do. If necessary, help to stand up and maintain.

In ancient times, the gods themselves have taken physical form and could spend Initiation and Initiation. This is what we tell the Scandinavian sagas, when Odin (our Tribal Elder), could take shape of a traveling man and coming to the house to the king, had their hospitality, morality, wisdom and humanity. After that, either helped or reject them. The "Saga of the Nibelungs," He is in the image of the Wizard before the great hero Siegfried, and grants to the strongest horse, handle on the forces with which, given only this Hero. This may tell us that the last day in the lives of Dedication (past lives) and earned the respect of the gods, do not pass it again, in a new incarnation. They had long ago earned the right to force that goes with them from incarnation to incarnation!

Let us be worthy of great wisdom of our Gods and forces which came from the past!

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