International terrorism is part 2 watch online

International terrorism is part 2 watch online

Analysis of the military-political situation indicated by the sharp deterioration of the situation in the world. There is an attempt to impose a method of manipulating the consciousness of world public beliefs behavior method with the objective to obtain strictly the reactions to the terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001

Series 14 — Somali warlords

Series 15 — The Taliban

Series 16. Tamil Tigers

Series 17 — A suicide of Oklahoma City

Series 18 — The threat of Al-Qaeda

Series 19. Fatah and Hamas

Series 20 — Fidel Castro

Series 21 — Che Guevara

Series 22 — Chechen extremism

Series 23 — Red Army Faction

Series 24 — EOKA

Series 25 — ETA

Disaster, disasters, acts of terrorism

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