Israel — a new vector of the Middle East policy of the Russian Federation?

June 25, will visit Israel Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin will be accompanied by the environment of more than 150 people, among which the well-known businessmen, politicians and municipal bureaucrats. In the program of the visit — a visit to Israel, the opening of the memorial warriors of the Red Army (this is the first similar project in the far abroad countries), a meeting with the actors of the theater "Gesher" (which in 1990 moved to full strength in Israel from Moscow), also a number of very fundamental business negotiations. What did it go, and what did this visit is so important?

Israel - a new vector of Russia's Middle East policy?

In Paris the exhibition of arms. Present at her Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that our homeland and Israel are negotiating the creation of the UAV, which could be used in the interests of the 2-states and for sale outside. On it informs RIA announcements.

Israel - a new vector of Russia's Middle East policy?

"In Israel, including the (negotiating) — namely, he outlined. We have held talks and negotiate. Our goal — to try to convince them to go for technological cooperation and make the product, which will be applied in them, and us, and sold to third countries — this is the goal we must achieve, "- said Rogozin.

According to him, the Israelis — great craftsmen in the field of unmanned systems. "Take them off of old standards, decommissioned, for myself more," — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Israel - a new vector of Russia's Middle East policy?

This is — one of the first character in the recent Russian policy toward Israel. In recent years, the successor of the USSR is rapidly losing its influence in the Middle East region. There are several reasons — the geopolitical picture seriously changed. Regimes of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi have sunk into Letu.Iran more closed to discover — in Moscow is well aware that the Persians — ally very unreliable and controversial, with its interests in the Caucasus, and there are friends with Russia, not because davneshnih and strong links as well as more than friends with whom. In addition, the situation in Syria seriously pounding not only on the Russian influence in the region and on the Iranian — and who needs feeble allies? Syria is a long time trusted associate of the former Soviet Union first, and then the Russian Federation, the war dragged into civilian clothes, and there are chances of the most severe that the Alawite regime ruling there, will fall. Style of Russia on the fast-growing brand new Sunni Middle East seriously undermined. In this regard, our homeland finds new leverage and new partners, profitable, not least economically. And Israel seems to be one of the possible allies.
No, our home is not the United States tends to take place on the Israeli political scene — this development is unrealistic. But cooperation with Israel gives some harsh Russian side benefits. Jewish government — one of the world leaders in the fields of high technology, weapons, agriculture, and medicine. In other words, in those areas which the Russian Federation at the moment actually needed.

Israel - a new vector of Russia's Middle East policy?

Misha Zinigrad, rector of the institute's Ariel Center

Intensive cooperation with Russia Ariel institute center, which rector, Michael Zinigrad, a native of Russia. The Israeli system is increasingly arise in Russian weapons systems: for example, a night sight, "Shaheen" are used Israeli matrix. Large pharmacological concern "TEVA" builds its own plant in Yaroslavl. Israel, despite the fact that almost does not build airplanes and helicopters, one of the leading aviation powers — in the Jewish state are developing avionics, radars, different types of aircraft armament and protection system. Israeli fighter project "Lavi" the 1987, which a number of characteristics overtook F16, was closed after the construction of 2-operating items due to circumstances purely political: U.S. feared opponent. Israel does not have to confront — and focused on the UAV.

Israel - a new vector of Russia's Middle East policy?

Israeli Lavi fighter

Given the variety of Russian scientists, politicians and business people in Israel, such partner of, are playing catch-modernity, is very necessary. In addition, the Jewish government — is potentially very exciting mediator between Russia and the West, because of its own alienation from some of the latter, and at the same time, some good links. So the last time we will witness not just new applications, and perhaps new visits Russian favorites in Israel on this path is already heavily one of the main Russian partners — Kazakhstan.

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