Israel and Egypt are preparing to terminate the peace treaty

Israel and Egypt are preparing to cancel the peace treatyAccording to Israeli sources, diplomatically, "Muslim brothers" who came to power in Egypt as a result of elections, have put Israel in very vulnerable conditions. Under the threat was a peace agreement signed by the previous government 2-states.

Israeli diplomats noted that beginning in the Islamization of Egypt very Hamas made a difficult confrontation. In the end, the fact that the border with the Gaza Strip appeared Islamic government in Israel may appear some problems with the conduct of military operations in Gaza.

According to previously published reports, "Cursor", representatives of constructive movement "Muslim Brotherhood" and its political wing Party freedom and justice for the Egyptian general elections received a first round 40% of the vote. So makarom providing for themselves unquestioningly victory. 20% of the votes were cast Salafi party "An-Nur", the eyes which have more constructive.
"Egyptian Bloc" — representatives of the Liberals — has received support from 15% of voters. The results of other members of the liberal parties much more moderate. 6% of the vote at the party "Al-Wust," and only 5% in the "Al-Wafd".

There is a big possibility that the Islamists went out and brought a common language with the Salfit. In this case, they will get the majority of votes in Parliament, that totally unacceptable to Israel, and puts it in very unprofitable conditions noted in Jerusalem. Recall that in this case the Islamists to control 60% of the votes in the Egyptian parliament.

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