Israel and Iran: maybe a reconciliation

Israel and Iran: is it possible to reconcileAvigdor Eskin, Israeli journalist, politician:

In recent weeks, Iran's favorites resorted to particularly strong language against Israel, including calls for its destruction. The rhetoric of the war between Israel and Iran and came to Moscow. Following the policy of their own favorites, salting Iran in Moscow Reza Sajjadi alternately called on his own official blog of Israel "occupied Palestine." This caused great indignation and led to a petition of people in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with the requirement to declare Sajjad person non grata.

Relations between Israel and Iran is palpable strained in recent months, and because of several terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in Georgia, Thailand, India and Bulgaria. In this connection, has been arrested several Iranian people. Israel accused the Iranian secret services in the organization of bloody actions.

All the same, zaavesyu rhetoric of the Israeli-Iranian business look more diverse than is commonly believed. This has to do with old ties between Jews and Persians, originating from King Cyrus, to help build the Second Temple in Jerusalem. In many hundreds of years, Jews and Persians were neighbors in peace and harmony. Came from Iran to Israel love to talk about Dobronravov own former citizens. In Tehran and Jerusalem also remember the good things between with 2 countries before coming to power in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

Many experts in Israel believe that the point Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities is inevitable, and all are skeptical about the ability of serious hostilities between with 2 countries, which divides more than a thousand kilometers. Hard to believe that Iran would likely react to an Israeli raid more than a symbolic rocket fire, as we have seen. Ahmadinejad can, of course, try to hire the services of the movement "Hezbollah" in Lebanon, and there are limited capacity due to the internal situation in Lebanon, the weakening of the Assad regime and the trivial Israeli military advantages.

Specifically, there is disclosed a unique opportunity for Russian diplomacy. In addition to the alleged Israeli attack, Iran is waiting for another important event: the departure from the post of President Ahmadinejad. As long as he holds the post of its own, the Israeli-Iranian dialogue is not seen as real. Favourite Iran many times chanted in the squares "death to Israel" and so defiantly engaged Holocaust denial and the review of the history of the second world war, that no Israeli favorite if he could not enter into negotiations with him. But at least what the head of the country, who would come after him, may be invited to Moscow to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel under the auspices of the President of Russia.

Such a move now seems phantasmagoric. But if you look at the Iranian-Israeli affairs after the departure of Ahmadinejad and after the elimination of its nuclear facilities by Israel, the rapprochement with 2 between the two countries, with the participation of the Russian Federation would be a natural and mutually beneficial. If you look now at the real interests of Jerusalem and Tehran, the two sides have been under threat from the "Arab Spring." Both Israel and Iran are now interested in the preservation of the Assad regime in Syria. If it would be co-operation between the two countries-name now, then they could keep stability in Syria, is also interested in what our homeland.

In order to implement the plan in this stunning life should start Israeli-Iranian contacts in Moscow at the level of non-governmental organizations. First, it should be a meeting between the Israeli and Iranian spiritual authorities. Specifically, these individuals can prepare the ground for such a meeting in Moscow, the founders of which will be able to count on the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eugene Satanovskiy, President of the Institute of Near East:

— Sluggish war between Israel and Iran is in for a long period. When they begin to bombard each other directly — a question of time.

Try to mediate Moscow, apparently, it can. But, as experience shows, it is worthless, because the Iranian policy is defined only in Tehran. At a time when Iran will want to escalate the conflict with Israel, he would do it. Iran will not be able to do, for the simple reason that the conflict with Israel is laid as a core ideology of Iran — Israel should be destroyed. This is the main justification for the regime in all its domestic dilemmas: social, political, economic.

The current Rahbar, the head of Iran, can not hold the respective configurations, softening actions of Iran, because of the fact that he is only heir of Ayatollah Khomeini. First supreme ayatollah laid the course that his heirs will have to follow if they wish to remain in power. This course contains and the elimination of Israel. Point.

Changing the Israeli president again come to nothing lead. The President, which Ahmadinejad will change in any way from the camp will be constructive conservatives. He will have to show that it is not the least patriotic than Ahmadinejad, and no liberals, no pragmatists like Khatami or the other to the presidency in Iran on the eve of the campaign, and it is possible that, and after it, will not come.

The war is inevitable. Will it be either of those other scales, what will be the consequences — it does not matter.

Said Gafurov, Researcher of the Institute of Oriental and African crafts:

— In fact, peace in Palestine in the hands of Israel. Specifically, the Jewish side can make peace at any moment, when so choose. For this it is necessary to take some pretty ordinary and reasonable measures.

In 1-x, you must abandon the idea that Israel is a state for the Jews. The government should be for everyone who lives there, regardless of religion for Muslims, Christians and Jews. It is expedient measure. At the moment, at the legislative level, Israel divides people on the basis of origin. This Nazi norms inverted front. This is recognized even by lawmakers in Israel. They specifically and they say about the so-called the pt Law of Return — inverted front of Hitler's standards. Hitler was not convicted for being discriminated against Jews, but for the fact that, in principle, considered likely to divide people by origin. Naturally, this is unacceptable, but abandon this Israel able at any moment. And it keeps it's not even so much as a norm, as one of the bargaining chips in negotiations, which will be sacrificed at the appropriate moment.

Second discrepancy that must be addressed Israel, to achieve peace is to recognize the Palestinians' right of return. That is, those people who during the war, were expelled, must have the right to return. This is quite natural and normal. To come back and live with equal rights as equal citizens of a secular democratic country (2 Muslims and Christians 1). This is the position of Iran.

Few people know that Iran does not want Islamized Palestine. Iran wants a new independent, democratic government, where the Jews will have equal rights to non-Jews. This problem is more difficult. Israel is ready to actually make the right moves, but here comes the problem of restitution. That is, if people would come back completely reasonable to give them a property they left behind when they fled. Here in Israel it can not go. How to return the land to its true owner, if this place is built plant. In all fair
ness you need to return, but in real life — the problem. The political forces that are currently in Israel is dominated by ever will not do. Very huge resources were invested. Although at least how impartial standards — is buying stolen goods.

Grounds for reconciliation is, but in all fairness, rightness on the side of Iran. Israel is ready to take reciprocal steps, except for the return of land — and this is a reason for the negotiations. Objectively, there has to be some compromise. And Iran will have to sacrifice something. For example, the claim that Jews should live in the homeland of their own Protz. Iranian Jews to live in Iran and the use of the fully all the rights of civilians, the Russian Jews — in Russia, South American — American, French — in France and Palestine — Palestine. I would then remembered Libya. In Tripoli, for example, in the center of town was a large vacant lot with the demolition of the houses (they simply represented a danger), and in the center stood a tremendous gloomy building — it was a synagogue. Libya's position was that when the Libyan Jews to return home from Israel, they immediately get their land. Similarly, the thinking here and Iran.

Israel would have to renounce their obviously unfair requirement Jewish state — it should be for everyone, regardless of religion and origin. These laws should be eliminated — they are feral. And Iran has to sacrifice his postulate that the Jews should live where their ancestors lived, to recognize the Jewish right to choose where they want to live — in Iran, America or Israel. And both sides in these issues may waive. Really the question is only about restitution.

Israel will be required to go to any agreement, simply because he can win as much as you like, but it's worth it to lose only one day, the Jews will then be read on the Rights of the losers. They simply fail to take certain conditions compel by force. And these conditions will be even tougher. Because I am inclined to think that a compromise between the positions of Iran and Israel will be found. I'm optimistic.

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