Israel and the Iranian nuclear issue: a pause or retreat?

In late September, the UN General Assembly in New York, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again showed the audience his strategy of "red lines". He explained to the international community, and in the main, of course, the Obama administration, where is that horrible line at the crossroads of what Iran international society should be "hard to react."

"The line must be held here," — said He spent a reddish stripe marker on a poster with a picture of an exploding bomb.

"Here" — is among the 90 per cent mark the end of Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

Israel and the Iranian nuclear issue: a pause or retreat?

Netanyahu seriously trained by the speech. He considered the analyst found a very article on the Web — and in New York shared the findings with the audience:

"To fly in today's subsequent enrichment (of uranium) Iran will reach the average level of enrichment. And then all will need a few weeks or months, that Iran has received quite a uranium for the first bomb. "

The only peaceful method to prevent Iran from getting the bomb — this is the observance of the reddish band, said Netanyahu.

There appears to be a translation from the diplomatic language this means that the world is only one road — the military danger. Anyone who has a nuclear weapon, says the language of threats from those who still do not have nuclear weapons. And after these dramatic warnings alleged creator of nuclear weapons should immediately abandon all nuclear pretensions of their own and speak for a nuclear-free world peace. A little one-sided focus, as it seems — but when the diplomats, the more so as the highest rank and vast experience as a sovereign Netanyahu thought about the second side? Oh and do not figure to face the municipal thinking about the good of the one he considers the enemy. Unless, considering his opponent, he really is busy for the welfare of his native country … And that's how to know — what if comrade Ahmadinejad of Iran, as the old saying that South American, and of the British special services, it is not going to make an atomic bomb? Then Netanyahu concern for the welfare of the motherland can only harm the motherland …

At the same UN General Assembly found that white-washed house not only is not set to begin any military action against Iran, but generally refers to the "nuclear issue" as if it actually exists.

Representatives of the white houses, the State Department and the Pentagon, right behind Netanyahu spoke in New York, spoke of the need to give a chance to international diplomacy, and the idea of 'deadlines and the Reds lines "rejected. We agreed to the point that the Israeli prime minister forced publicly reject accusations of meddling in the election campaign in the United States.

In the end the brutal intentions of the Israeli prime minister, no matter how friendly the goals he was covered and what would be nice posters with the bombs did not put near the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu left alone. But what about America? Even in Israel itself, as has long been clear, many politicians and the military did not support the idea of bombing Iran's nuclear facilities, especially without a role in the U.S. operations (such as, for example, the world of Israeli President Shimon Peres).

On the days of the emperor Netanyahu reiterated his position on Iran. And the prime minister and find new reasons.

In an interview with the French magazine "Paris Match", he said, that an Israeli attack on Iran in the interests of the Arab states. Netanyahu said:

"After about 5 minutes after the impact, contrary to the views of skeptics, the region breathe a sigh of relief." He added: "Iran is not popular in the Arab world, and some governments in the region, as local residents realized that the nuclear weapon armed Iran would be a danger not only to Israel, and the Arabs."

The Prime Minister, of course, know better, but as long as there are actually triple alliance of Iran, Iraq and Syria. And with the economic blockade of Iran and Syria to the discontent of America's independent policy, al-Maliki in Iraq (strolling rumors that it is going to "replace"), this alliance will only grow stronger. So Makar, referring to the "Arabs", sire Netanyahu broadcasts may have about Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Maybe more about Jordan in the bargain. But at this point in the region of a coalition, which calls for Arab Emirates — unsafe for confrontation Islamist tendencies (especially of "The Brothers") and honey to Iran's nuclear programs from anyone does not care. Besides the impact of the U.S., which is suspected of many still support own local ally, ie in Israel, in the region fallen.

America itself is once again on the day or dissuade Israel began to climb in Iran.

The U.S. military command has warned Israel not just colleagues, but clarified, that any actions against Iran could severely limit the ability of U.S. forces in the region to conduct their own operations to counter Iran's nuclear program there.

After all, naval, air and ground forces of the United States are dependent on the rulers of the Persian Gulf. Judge: U.S. Navy base in Bahrain posted, and the main air force base — in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Oman. U.S. military government is unlikely to be able to absolutely rely on these bases, if Israel will act first. And the truth is: who knows what the answer was? One thing is for sure: it will be high-spirited. Even faster, Ayatollah Iran would strike for preemption, so called "preventive", which happened more than once stated.

As for the limited strike on Iranian targets, then this is not enough: it will not kill the program from, and will only result in a furious Tehran.

"The impact can make serious difficulties for the Gulf States in the political field. The risk of a regional war for their very great "- the employee international institutions' strategic research in Bahrain Emile Hokayem.

So Makar, the region did not support Israel. Faster, on the contrary.

And if the sovereign Netanyahu, the prime minister, continues to be worn with their "red lines" and unconvincing rhetoric, the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who fully shared up to this idea of the prime minister, seems to have become in the near future to give up.

October 30, he was interviewed by a popular destination for the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph" and the right said, Iran is supposedly backed away from its own nuclear ambitions. However, temporary. Slip of the tongue, this may come in handy to someone Barak in order to soften the bitterness of understanding of what Tel Aviv still remained without Washington's support. Naturally, there is hope for Mitt Romney — after a famous Canadian medium not so long ago predicted that he would be president — but the inauguration will take place only on January 20. Is it because we were talking abo
ut and the "temporary"?

The head of Israeli military officials said, in an interview with British newspaper that sanctions and diplomatic efforts are unlikely to lead to the resolution of the confrontation, and added that because of Israel (of course, with his long-anticipated allies) might come to the need to make a decision about a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, but "in the next year."

Ehud Barak said that in August, Tehran has sent 38% of supplies of uranium enriched to 20% of the total available amount of it in the 189 kg for processing into fuel for a research reactor. And it is the Iranian decision "allows us to consider postponing critical moment for the period from 8 to 10 months." According to him, if a similar decision had been taken, the escalation could occur in the period before the U.S. presidential election.

Here, journalists were asked to explain what is happening. How is it that Ahmadinejad stepped thrust? One does not like it.

Israeli Defense Minister prepared to this effect as much as three explanations.

"The first — an extensive discussion of the likely Israeli or American operation deterred them (Iran) from the sample approach (to develop nuclear weapons.) It is also, for sure, could be targeted diplomatic maneuver that they have taken to avoid the climax of this prepyadstviya before the elections in the U.S., simply to gain time. It could also be a method to convey to the IAEA, which, he says, "we keep our commitments." Maybe it is the composition of all three elements. "

Yeah, the first precondition was, of course, "public discussion". Barack, of course, thinks that he and Netanyahu Ahmadinejad great scare "red lines".

So as not to take a walk on the one who started the retreat from the war plans, Ehud Barak said that "the Iranians are determined to be reincarnated as a nuclear military power." Only now it does, perhaps the "next spring or summer of the following year at first."

Secretary of Defense Israel also pointed out:

"To be honest, based on my long experience in the Middle East, I am very skeptical about the likelihood that (sanctions) will force the ayatollahs to come along at any step in the foreseeable future and to take the decision not to own intentions follow in the footsteps of Pakistan and North Korea and reincarnated as a nuclear military power. "

In short, the Israeli defense minister gave America the last chance to reform. And yet — wait for the election results. As stated previously in advertising: "Make a groove to eat" Twix ".

And while "Twix" washed down with tea, to the authorities in the United States can come Mr. Romney. And this belligerent man at the end of October, he gave everyone in the world to realize that no effects of the war with Iran, it does not scare and frighten can not. He boldly said at the debate:

"If I become president of the United States, we will support Israel. If Israel is attacked, we will defend it. Not only diplomatic measures, and military force. In-2 is certainly not out of the question that, that Iran had a nuclear weapons state. This is unacceptable for America. I have also done so that Ahmadinejad was sentenced in accordance with the UN convention on genocide. I would have accused him of that. "

And just who inspired this lover of military toys that someone planned attack on Israel?

As for Iran, neither of which Ahmadinejad is not going out there and was not going to turn away. Not enough of their own applets — in general, peaceful — Iranian President even flaunts.

Last week, Iran officially acknowledged (for the first time acknowledged), Which is currently at the stage of terminating the installation of centrifuges at the Fordow underground facility. This information was previously flashed in the media, confirmed by the head of Iran's atomic agency, Fereydoun Abbasi Davani.

"Iran completes launched nuclear project despite the speculation and bad western media "- said the assistant Abbasi-Davani after a meeting of the government.

Iran has finished installing the last 640 uranium centrifuges at the underground plant at Fordow, built inside the mountain. A total of 2,800 there, but the work they have not yet started.

In the end, it is necessary to mention the fact that in the case at the moment, Israel and the United States.

Dr. Bar-Ilan Institute Eytan Gilboa, believes that the U.S. and Israel alliance is beneficial to all. He believes in it so firmly as Netanyahu believes in that attack Iran on hand all the Arab states.

Giving an interview with "Voice of Russia", Doctor said:

"The United States is an important partner of Israel both militarily and diplomatically plan. In 2-State very tight fit in the interests of all that relates to resolve common external threats, such as nuclear Iran. This and so much attention to the elections in Israel, South American president. "

Naturally, close. Netanyahu and Barak did not expect to wait, when the throne in a white house sits Mitt Romney. In general, there is no throne, in the U.S. there is still Congress. One can say about the "international conspiracy", but is tired.

Dr. few mad at Obama because he never went to Jerusalem. In short, Obama has pushed Israel somewhere — not on the second plan, not even on the third.

Well, yes, or is it Romney, who not only flew to Jerusalem, and referred to him as Israel's capital. That's it.

But the doctor — a clever man. Referring to some analysts, he said that if re-elected, we will see at the helm of the new Obama America. It will be wise for a period preceding the president who "radically revise its foreign policy."

In general, the doctor here said that the majority of Israelis Romney hopes to win.

What is meant here? All clear. Obama, again as president, suddenly reveal itself as a clone Romney campaign. And then realized all the hopes and brutal military aspirations of sovereign Netanyahu Eytan Gilboa, and at the same time.

But somehow it is not clear, that Comrade Obama — if he chooses South American people — suddenly began to implement the pre-election program from Mr. Romney.

In addition, the 2008 election of the 4 million American Jews have the right to vote, 78% voted for Barack Obama. Recent polls show that American Jews now remain faithful to the Democrats.

It would be good, that the world has become a little bit more peace and less war. That is to say, the minimum program.

In the meantime, both Israel and the United States are preparing for possible war.

At the moment there are naikrupneyshie in the history of bilateral military cooperation between Washington and Tel Aviv's three-week teaching missile and air defense forces, under the title "The harsh call — 2012." Claimed that these exercises are not linked to Iran's nuclear discrepancy. The commander of the South American contingent of Air Force Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin, United States reads:

"All of these exercises is subject to the improvement of joint US-Israeli abilities. This is a team work of an army. It is not related to the e
lection or the tension in the Middle East. We are masters of the military, which together Tren solutions for defense needs. "

In addition to the Israeli defense system the Americans have brought cutting-edge radar system and GCS «Patriot».

The maneuvers are held in secret mode. As the Israeli media, the exercises will cost the American side of 30 million, and the Israelis — to 8 million bucks.

Parallel throughout Israel go teachings of the home front. According to the scenario, the earthquake happened in Israel. Analysts do not allow mnogosmyslennyh interpretations of the circumstances of this "earthquake." It is about the likely impacts from Iran and Lebanon, "Hezbollah".

John Ray, an analyst «NBC News», reports that in the exercise involved about 3,500 U.S. troops and about 1,000 soldiers of Israel.

"Whether we like it or not — writes journalist — but these doctrines are in the midst of 2-election campaigns and, of course, at a time when the actions in respect of Iran it's a lull suspicion. "

Martin Dempsey, Chief of the Joint Staff Command, however, he saw that the military would not want to, that America was seen as a "partner" of the Israeli attack. And the second aspect, in other words, Israel, too, has expressed opposition to a similar rapid assessment exercise.

But the analyst believes that the long-running conflict with Iran, neither the U.S. nor Israel can not be avoided.

For Netanyahu, who faces elections profitable these teachings, as they point out that, yes, the United States hitherto Israeli ally. This may reassure Netanyahu's own voters.

Barack Obama is also on hand, as belies some very passionate declarations Mitt Romney, who said earlier that preventing the Iranian threat to Israel has south american "Sacred duty."

So Makar, like journalists want any "sensation", but the game at the moment is around the elections, and not the Iranian "nuclear issue". Candidates make statements, voters harassed on a mustache, sociologists conduct surveys and draws the ratings Ahmadinejad brings about the success of Iran's peaceful atom. Everything goes on as usual.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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