Israel and the U.S. are preparing for a large-scale missile defense and air defense exercises

Israel and the U.S. are preparing for a large-scale missile defense and air defense exercises

As reported by «NEWSru Israel», in recent South American and Israeli military plans to conduct large-scale exercises for its own defense forces and air defense. The Israeli Defense Ministry said that these exercises have long intended to pursue, and they have nothing to do with the aggravated situation in the Middle East, and specifically, in the relationship of society and the world Iran.

Teachings that are called «Austere Challenge-12" (or "severe challenge — 12") are needed to increase the level of coordination of actions of the American and Israeli armed forces. And as noted by both sides, the maneuvers will have quite a large-scale in nature, which had not happened in the history of cooperation (military) for both states. It is understood that they will accept the role on each side, several thousand military. Precise date of the exercise so far, but there is information indicating that these maneuvers will be launched in the coming weeks. And in the process of the scientists themselves, the database will form working out protection against missile attacks.

By the way, about the conduct of the exercise for the first time was stated at 21 December, but then been told, as if planned maneuvers hold no earlier than spring. Israel's military command is not officially confirmed evidence that these configurations directly linked to complete the teachings of Navy ships Iran.

It should be clarified that in the Strait of Hormuz in the ten-day drills, ships Iran successfully conducted launches 2-ship cruise missiles, such as "Gader," and who themselves have developed. These missiles are capable of hitting targets, having a radius of 200 km. Iran had also demonstrate its own military equipment, also from the Persian Gulf, "drove" Navy aircraft carrier school, called «John C. Stennis », which has its bombers, aircraft electronic warfare, anti-submarine helicopters, and the crew, the size of which exceeds five thousand people. After that, the military command Iran, openly stated that their own nearby areas, to create a South American ship is not lust. And if the boat is back again, the Iranians have threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz.

As they say military experts, specifically those acts have become the basic premise of the configuration date of the joint military exercises the United States and Israel. For example: Martin Van Creveld (Jewish Institute of Jerusalem) stressed that the joint exercise is a trivial attempt to exert psychological pressure on Iran. The expert commented: "It is clear that the preparation to repel the attack can not be conducted on the version of the case. This point must always and constantly practiced and improved. In addition, all of this demonstration is to show Tehran that the U.S. and Israel are fully prepared to counter-attack. "

In the upcoming exercises will begin next step (second) test missile defense system, such as "Hetz-3." It is clear that the batteries' Hetz-3 "will be the top" layer "multi-tiered missile defense system in Israel. They are able to eliminate ballistic missiles launched by the protected area, out of the atmosphere at a stage of early, if what it can do missile "Hetz-2." All work on the project in the near future a very accelerated, thus, the Rockets will stand on the plans for combat duty a year later, precisely in 2013 (spring).

As reported by ITAR-TASS, large-scale joint exercises, which were previously held in 2009 (fall) in Israel. As part of the maneuvers, which were called "Juniper Cobra-9", not counting the Israeli air force and air defense forces, the role of the military took over a thousand school that catered to the areas of Israel temporarily deployed missile batteries. In addition a further 15 ships used the U.S. Navy. On said maneuvers conducted testing of actions that will be required in the event of massive shelling from Syria, Iran, Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Close attention was paid to the interaction between land mobile complex for the elimination of trans-atmospheric reentry vehicles THAAD, maritime interception system of ballistic missiles, such as Aegis, batteries and ground defense systems, such as Patriot-3 and the "Hetz-2."

Iran says it will continue to maneuver

As reported by "AR", the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran is not going to stop naval exercises, which were completed only recently. And soon he wants to hold new maneuvers. The planned exercises to be held in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in February. These military exercises, called "The Great Prophet," has been held in over 7 years, every year. Yet this year, the military promised to make some changes in the process. Details configurations are being kept secret.
The agency «ISNA», cited comments Waidi Ahmad (General), about the upcoming exercises: "The West continuously delivers Neighbors their weapons … But Iran has a very large military power in the region, according to this, he successfully makes a huge part of the work to ensure the safety of in throughout these territories. "

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