Israel and the U.S. destruction of Iran nuclear physicist

Israel and the United States: the death of Iranian nuclear physicistJuly 23 in Tehran killed Dariush Rezaei, a 35-year-old inmate Iran. Israeli and U.S. media reported that the victim was a scientific luminary in the field of nuclear physics, the main violin in Iran's nuclear program there.

Iran confirmed the killing, but expressed a different version of occupation killed. Iranian media said that the deceased was Dariusz Rezainedzhadom, a typical student, not a doctor of nuclear physics. And the cause of his death was the fatal accord of his name and the name of the doctor who is willing to destroy the terrorists.

The situation before the end and did not clear. Both Western and Iranian sources affect many inaccuracies. That there is an assertion of Western and Israeli channels of a professor of nuclear physics. Iranian TV first offered very conflicting information, do not come together in outlook or on occupation killed or if they have a degree.

Most of them reported that the victim worked in the electronics and did not have a nuclear physics nor the smallest things. The rector of the institute "Hajj", where he studied student who was killed in his own interview Rezainedzhada depicted as a promising young scholar, and expressed the view that his murder was connected with the concern of opponents spirited pace of scientific progress in Iran.

The reaction of the media in Israel and the United States indicates that the terrorists once again hunting for Iranian scientists who occupy the main roles in the Iranian nuclear program there.

The Iranian news agency Fars quoted Ali Larijani, directly accused in the incident the U.S. and Israel. In this case, the address is in charge of these countries have long been not only one.

First, in 2006 the United States administration officials have voiced a number of allegations against Iran, Tehran in what was called the main sponsor of world terrorism, it was said that Iran has the danger of severe welfare United States, and Washington is ready to expose the destruction of a nuclear program from the Islamic Republic. Israeli policymakers and endured even more stiff sentences, including the application of massive air strike on all Iranian nuclear facilities. It is logical that in 2007 was accompanied by a number of statements of special operations intelligence services of Israel and the U.S. against the Iranian scientists.

One of the first special operations of the Israeli "Mossad" has been called the destruction of Ardashir Hasanpur, 44-year-old leading scientist employed at a nuclear facility in Isfahan. Scientist died under very suspicious circumstances, although it was officially announced gassed. Besides, if a weird circumstances, dies several of his colleagues.

In February 2009, British and Italian media said directly about the "secret war" against Israel's nuclear physicists of the Islamic Republic.
Publication of England Daily Telegraph published a statement Reva Bala, a representative of U.S. intelligence, in which said that the U.S., along with Israel are trying to undermine the development of Iran's nuclear programs from the method involved in terror against her leading scientists. The same statement contained information about the sabotage associated with the opening of Israel Tipo shell companies that supplied poor equipment and raw materials to objects.

Italian La Repubblica attributes this decision to the fact that at the moment the wrong time for the U.S. to declare open war on Iran. Barack Obama wants to do better style of the United States, intending to end the Iraq campaign and change the situation in Afghanistan. These criteria for the declaration of war unreal. In addition, Washington is not so sure of defeating the frisky Tehran and fears of severe deterioration of relations in the Middle East.

Such messages are not stayut something out of the ordinary. It has been said, including in the Western media that the "Mossad" has not once participated in the physical removal of a professional, but disliked it, scholars in other countries. We are talking about several attacks against a group of scientists from Germany, who have been developing missile programs from Egypt under the tutelage of the favorite Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser. Apart from them was destroyed by a Canadian scientist Gerald Bull, who designed the famous supergun from which Saddam Hussein planned to bombard Israel.

Suspicious death of nuclear physicists in Iran continued after the murder of Ardashir Hasanpur. In the suburbs Tererana January 12, 2010 died teacher neutron nuclear physics at Tehran Institute, Dr. Masoud Ali Mohammadi. Cause of death of the scientist became a bomb explosion bike.

In October last year, was abducted Amir Hossein Shirane, other physicist-nuclear physicist who worked at the facility for Iskhafane. In the kidnapping was accused Sunni terrorist separatist group "Dzhandalla", which operated in Iran. But on November 28 it occurs in the transmission of television "Al-Arabiya". In his own interview, he said that Iran eventually end its own nuclear programs from existing plans to get a nuclear bomb.

The next day after the ill-fated interview was undermined machines Dr. Department of the Institute of Tehran's nuclear development Beheshti (Beheshti University), Majid Shahriari and Abbasi Fereydula, a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, specialized engaged in the research work in the Ministry of Defense Iran. Majid Shahriari eventually double bombing died and Fereydul Abbasi was wounded and, according to some reports, after the treatment led to work on the Islamic Republic's nuclear applets.

Will Israel to achieve anything in such ways? Many military experts believe that such makarom can only push the inevitable for a couple of years. Iran is using China teaches its own nuclear physicists 1st after another. Place spetsa killed instantaneously ready to take another. Past CIA official Vince Kanastraro in this regard states that the mission of Israel will never be able to achieve its objectives and fails to seriously change the current political situation. Vince Kanastraro convinced that the murder is unrealistic to expect a few scientists seriously disrupt Iran's nuclear program from.

But the smallest delay can be very unsafe for the Islamic Republic. After every terrorist attack against its own scientists in the field of nuclear physics, Tehran reacted vigorously and swiftly blamed the incident the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies, especially the latter. There have been several successful special operation that resulted in the capture of a huge number of terrorists belonging to the group "Dzhandalla."

Media even reported the arrest of an entire group of mosadovtsev. But every successful attempt on the color of Iranian scientists in the field of nuclear physics proves that Iran's counterintelligence had not managed to stop the enemy. We can only expect, where, and how a new attempt will be carried out.

Summarizing the above, it can be argued that the security services Iran made a severe puncture, having failed to secure its nuclear physicist quite reliable protection. The first priority for Tehran becomes capture and neutralization of enemy subversive network of agents.
If an analysis of all attacks in 2010 and 2011, one can behold the subsequent moments. All attempts were made near the houses, inhabited by scientists. The terrorist attacks were made against their pers
onal vehicles. Whenever the case involved a bike. Or it was mined, or used by terrorists, so swiftly away with the crime.

Of course, that prohibition trips on bikes would be silly and mysterious, but who prevents to tighten control over the owners of bikes, especially acquired in the near future. In addition, Iranian security personnel should pay more attention, controlling committed in the state of monetary transaction.

Nothing is impracticable to strengthen the protection of promising scientists. Tehran has long been worth it to take under special control of their place of residence. For example, arrange accommodation nuclear physicists in special protected cities. In general, this is not an absolute guarantee of safety research bodies. In this case, Iran will have to be ready for that first hour at the coming of the "X" will bring down his opponent strikes specifically for such facilities.

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