Israel and the U.S. worried about Irans plans to reddish sea

Israel and the United States concerned about Iran's plans in the Red SeaIran plans to send a submarine and ship Reddish in the water of the sea and the Gulf of Aden, reported Tuesday the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz. "

"The Iranian navy will patrol the high seas in order to show the naval power of the Islamic Republic" — leads "Haaretz"The words of the Iranian Navy Admiral Habibullah Sayar. Admiral does not have a clear date of dispatch of the ships.

"Haaretz"Believes that the reddish sea can be targeted Iranian diesel submarine of Russian production.

Still, the move has caused concern in Israel and the United States, who considered it a violation of the strategic balance of forces in the volatile Middle East, writes newspaper.

In February of this year, Iran would send its warships through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea for joint exercises with Syria, which caused outrage in Israel, who called the maneuvers a provocation.

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