Israel and the United States: Focus on Iran?

Israel and the United States: Focus on Iran?After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared victory in the parliamentary elections, he immediately told the public about the intention to prevent Iran from making a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu has said he plans to form a very broad coalition, and maybe will find partners outside of the usual ultra-nationalist and religious adherents. Make a majority coalition prime minister, apparently planning to just across the Iranian issue.

Alistair Lyon ("Reuters") Results in the expression of Netanyahu

"The first challenge was and is preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons."

The Prime Minister of Israel sees Iran's nuclear program there a direct threat to Israel's existence.

Israeli "hawk", but similar statements could complicate discover the way to union with a measured and significant majority in parliament. Dan Avnon, a doctor of political science at the Hebrew Institute, says:

"Most of the Israeli middle class was categorically against the values of the last government … These are the people who pay taxes and serve in the army … I do not think that their world can be ignored."

Political columnist Murat Etkin (editor Turkish newspaper «Hurriyet Daily News») writes, that

"Israel's political landscape has become more fragmented and harder leaned toward the right wing after the elections on January 22."

M. Etkin said that current Israeli policies virtually blackmailed the U.S., including by means of the pro-Israel lobby, claiming publicly that Israel is in a position to do something terrible with Iran, is that the Americans will not be able to stay away. A similar strategy so far has been successful, says columnist — especially on the eve of the U.S. elections in November 2012, when U.S. President Barack Obama tried to calm Benjamin Netanyahu, with policies that can be characterized as follows:

"You keep quiet, and I'll take care of them if it's needed."

But not now. Obama defeated in the election. We already know the new candidates for the highest positions in his government. John Kerry (city department) and Chuck Hagel (Pentagon) are known as agents of political equilibrium position in the Middle East. They, like Obama, is well aware of the fact that Iran has nothing to do with Afghanistan and Iraq, which, incidentally, are not examples of successful U.S. campaigns. In addition to the United States placed a lot of open materials, including the Web, which demonstrate that the Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities may only delay the nuclear program from, but not complete. All the more so that a similar attack will serve as an incentive for the Iranians specifically to the development of nuclear weapons.

It is unrealistic to believe, writes M. Etkin, that such intelligent people as Israeli politicians do not behold the that Iran — is a large country with significant resources, long history and tradition. It is very unlikely, says analyst that Obama or at least some other U.S. government lusted would be involved in a war with Iran — and not just because it is bitter memoir of war on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and because of the latest strategy in which 1 second place is the APR.

Harriet Sherwood ("The Guardian") Writes that in Israel again talking about Iran's "red line". Israeli bureaucrats believe that it is likely to be reached in the late spring or summer, at first, if, of course, diplomatic efforts and sanctions will not produce the expected results.

Some of them say they should then make military action in order to suspend the nuclear program from. But the big question is whether Israel is ready to act in a one-sided manner, if the United States decides to refrain from a military strike on Iran? Netanyahu says the journalist, rather euphony on the subject, but because most of the military and intelligence in Israel — together with the United States and Europe — oppose one-sided actions.

Here, in principle, says Sherwood, is this: who will be followed by the Minister of Defense of Israel.

Ehud Barak, now the incumbent, did not participate in the elections, although it may be appointed as a non-elected minister. Netanyahu and Barak — "Brothers in Arms" on Iran, although in recent months there have been signs of cooling to Barack lopsided military operation. At the moment, the Prime Minister, obviously wish to assign to the highest defense post in anyone having the "right" eyes on Iran.

Alexander Karpov ("") Approached the question from the other side. In his view, the U.S. and Israel are ready to poruha Iran recently — and here's why.

It turns out that the Pentagon enjoyed successful results of testing the latest bunker bombs. Just that-a tool that can injure specially fortified and buried objects, intended anchoring Iran, says the creator of the article.

Israel and the United States: Focus on Iran?

Tests bomb «Penetrator» weighing 13.6 tons made «Boeing Co. (BA) », showed: a harsh tool may well hit the fortified and are deeply buried targets. This information, according to Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon's director of operational testing, contained in a report to Congress. Pentagon officials report that heavy duty bomb can be used to attack U.S. nuclear Iran stronghold. «Penetrator» kill time deeply buried and highly fortified storage supplies of enriched uranium.

When testing was performed 5-bombing B-2 rocket test site at White Sands, New Mexico (June to October of last year), and two ground-based tests. Such data are «Bloomberg». Bimbo bomb 6 times stronger than those that currently are in service with the Air Force United States and Israel.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Herbert Carlisle United States on U.S. industrial exhibition in March 2012 stated that the new girl bomb Iran will allow storm:

"The bombs are made in factories« Boeing »in Chicago, will give us more opportunities and we will only increase them. It's part of our arsenal necessary for the implementation of such a script. "

And, although Israel and said that he could launch an attack on Iran itself, he asked how to increase the effectiveness of an attack if the U.S. uses its vast these bombs.

New bomb has a body made of hardened steel and can reach targets located at a depth of 70 meters. The bomb more than 6 m is more than 2.4 tons of explosives and sent to the target satellite of the U.S. Global Positioning System. The only aircraft capable of carrying a similar South American tool, — Stealth Bomber B-2.

With such a bomb, the U.S. and Israel are ready to recently put an e
ffective pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, the journalist writes. So it's not about Obama or the peacefulness of the Israeli elections.

"A casket is just a drop-down — not enough proper bomb. Now it is, and war is not far off. "

What did Iran?

According to Andrew Milovzorov (""), Minister of Economy and money IRI Shemseddin Hosseini said Tehran would be a turn away from the settlement in dollars and euros in export-import operations. In fact, Iran at the moment comes to an open confrontation with the United States — no, not the military, but the financial and economic.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran will be introduced new model calculations. Already, because of the sanctions, most of the oil Iran sells for yuan, rupee or by barter. Turkey is calculated for gas zolotishkom. Because Iran's decision to absolutely renounce Western majors explained very simply.

In 2012 alone, Ankara sent to Tehran gold by 11-12 billion dollars. Operations on the sale of gold Tehran she spent over the UAE and Switzerland. However, in a new year to continue such "barter" will become more difficult: the U.S. imposed a ban on the sale of precious metals to Iran.

Yet Iran will continue to develop barter with neighbors, increasing economic confrontation with the United States. By the way, he can do on this front, the Yankees enough tangible impacts.

Rejecting the calculation of oil in dollars, Tehran provoked to do the same and buyers of "black gold". It is only on hand to China, which itself translates foreign trade payments in renminbi. According to estimations of Chinese economists, in a few years to 50% of foreign trade of China will be in RMB.

In short, there would be a blessing in disguise to promote. In addition to the weakening dollar and a gradual reduction of its role as the main currency of Iran attaches the case with neighbors and is trained to establish economic partnership in the most difficult — sanctions — criteria.

If bezdollarovomu Iran's example followed by other vendors of mineral resources, such "campaign" against Uncle Sam would not mean something else as sad finish era of petrodollars, which immediately affect virtually endless capabilities of the United States to solve their economical problems by printing money on a machine Fed. This is where it unfold in front of Congress and the president is not just a fiscal cliff, and the whole financial abyss.

The main thing here — not the first to fall to Iran.

As for a possible answer to the likely anger Israel and the United States, the top face of Iran has repeatedly warned of possible aggressors: who to come to us with a sword, the blade and die.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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