Israel and Turkey are trained to be friends against each other

After a severe conflict over the so-called Turkish "Freedom Flotilla" that was sent to Gaza, and against whom force was used by the Israeli special forces, things between Ankara and Tel Aviv dramatically worsened. Diplomatic consulates were left ambassadors and Turkish and Israeli Prime ministers began to express very often very bad view in the address each other. Against this background, any of the parties involved is trying to enlist the support of other countries to increase their pressure on the regional scale.

Israel and Turkey are learning to make friends against each other

In this regard, the nearest diplomatic achievement time one of the parties geopolitical "altercation", namely Israel, signing a number of agreements with the Republic of Cyprus. In late February, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to Cyprus on a working visit, but a meeting he organized the Cypriots did not work, and the most that neither is official: a noble guard, smiling babies with bouquets of flowers and welcoming clicks inhabitants of Nicosia. How did this suddenly grounded manifested the love of Benjamin Netanyahu by the Cypriots, and the Israeli prime minister's trip proved to Nicosia, when you consider that in the history of the country of Israel the trip of the Prime Minister on peninsula Cyprus was the first general …

The fact is that the official Nicosia since 1974, to put it mildly, strained business with Turkey if the mutual accusations in general can be called relations. Specifically, in the same year the Turkish army landed on the peninsula, conducted "Operation Attila" under the pretext that the new government of Cyprus will infringe on the rights and freedoms of the Turkish population of the island. After the Turkish invasion, to which a blind eye the then superpowers, about 40% of the territory of the island run across under the actual control of Ankara. In 1983, the area became known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Nicosia, the capital, which in combination is also the capital of the rest of Cyprus. TRNC today is partly recognized by the state. In the world of three, tell them so, recognize the independence of the country of Northern Cyprus. This Abkhazia, which for the near future have a very warm business with Turkey, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, which is part of Azerbaijan, and, of course, Turkey, which can be considered godmother TRNC.

So the Israeli prime minister's visit to Cyprus, namely the Republic of Cyprus, is a blatant attempt to show Erdogan of Turkey in general and specifically, in the course of the coming confrontation. Turkish officials have seen the power of Netanyahu's visit to the sample to put pressure on Turkey and, therefore, in their words, Ankara can properly respond to Israel. What did you mean Turkish bureaucrats, remains a mystery, but the fact that Netanyahu's visit really deserves attention and obviously aimed against Turkey — a fact specific.

As a result of this visit Favourites Cyprus and Israel have agreed on some very weighty issues. Now, Israeli military planes will be able to freely use the air space of that part of the island, which is not under the control of the Turks. In addition, the military cooperation between Nicosia and Tel Aviv implies the implementation of the Cypriot port of call in their Israeli warships. In economic terms, Netanyahu and Cypriot President Christofias signed an agreement to jointly develop the gas field, which was found by American professionals in the Cyprus offshore. Many analysts both in Cyprus and in Israel believe that this kind of agreement will be used not only for the benefit of the economic development of 2-countries, and will provide a security guarantee from the new Turkish Cypriot claims. After all, in Ankara immediately after the official Nicosia announced the development of the gas field, said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (and practically Turkey itself) has every right to pump gas from the offshore depths, as the TRNC — another independent government that sits on a peninsula . But aid to the Republic of Cyprus in its hot correspondence disputes over blue fuel came Israel that angered the end Erdogan which all the forces trying to position itself as a major regional player. But, as can be seen in Tel Aviv outlook over the leadership of Erdogan else, and Israel will continue to try to reduce the influence of Turkey in the region.

It should be noted that the natural gas deposits geologically related to the oil fields offshore Cyprus and Israel have. In Tel Aviv, while still in a fairly warm relations with Turkey, not once stated that soon the Israeli gas is not only fully supply the domestic market, and flows to southern Europe via Turkey. In Turkey, it was only too happy, but the conflict has destroyed those plans. But Israel has decided not to turn away from the thought to act as an exporter of blue fuel in Europe. Only transportation route had significant adjust. The plans for Israel to let the gas through Cyprus. It is planned that in recent years the Israelites to build a large gas storage facility on the peninsula, which will be a "staging" point for Israeli gas.

It turns out that the "Freedom Flotilla" continues to go sideways for Turkey. Of course, in terms of finding regional allies of Tel Aviv and Ankara jump on lust to develop success. And what about Turkey? Whom she had written in his allies. Popravde until far not every Islamic country now wants to build the capital of Ankara Muslim world. In addition, Turkey is behaving far not always turn. For example, now Ankara is trying to support the Syrian opposition, although the brand new "Libya" in Turkey at hand is far not the best option for future development. On another front — Iran, which Now would be for Turkey a good ally in opposition to Israel. But Ankara confused ties with the U.S. and NATO, and therefore trivial advantages of pragmatic relations with Iran for her, perhaps, viewed, but who now Erdogan will allow for such a step to go. Friendship between Ankara and Tehran against Tel Aviv would be an adequate response to Netanyahu. But …

In such a situation, the Turkish prime minister is reminded that one person is sometimes very hard to stay on the 2-and is even more so for three or four chairs. After all, Turkey is: a) wants to be the center of the Islamic world, and b) trying to continue to integrate into Europe c) tends to be a full member of NATO and a friend of the United States, and d) by all means searches the methods of "annoy" to Israel. A desire, as we know, far not always the same skills, because at some point, Erdogan will have to turn away from the 1st of the chairs on which he is trying to sit still.

Of course, the search for allies Israel and Turkey will continue, but for the moment at least some of the alliance have to pay an impressive price. Who would get the Allies 'discount' — the big question …

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