Israel armed with grenades, bullet-proof

Israel armed with grenades, bullet-proofIsrael's Defense Ministry has adopted a new type Number of grenades 26 that are resistant to penetration of bullets or fragments, reports Jane's. Such munitions do not explode when hit by a bullet him. Creation pomegranate engaged Israeli Concern Israel Military Industries. New munition was developed over two years. Its use is to reduce the number of random victims in the middle of the Israeli fighter.

The decision to develop grenade was taken in 2010, when in the course of military operations is one of the Palestinians fired at an Israeli soldier. Bullet got a grenade in the pocket of the Israeli soldier, resulting in ammunition exploded, killing 2-fighters. According to IMI, Number 26, resistant to impact and fire, has fundamentally differences from ordinary grenades, taking it into service will claim no relearning fighter.

Details on the design grenades Number 26 IMI does not open.

According to its features Number 26 is identical to those used by Israeli troops grenades. With all of this brand new grenade higher by 10.5 per cent in manufacturing. Deliveries of the new ammunition to troops already begun. According to the Defense Ministry, will be from 5 to 10 years, that is one hundred percent change newest grenade used at this point ammunition. In addition, interest in the purchase of Number 26 showed some foreign militaries.

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