Israel arming Georgia with an eye on Russia

Broke out in August 2008 war in South Ossetia almost immediately found a number of political and military-technical qualities associated with supporting Georgia's Western countries. The supply of military equipment Misha Saakashvili regime produced and Israel.

But the Israeli administration has not sought to maintain the rage Georgia against the adjacent republics, because immediately after the outbreak of hostilities, it was decided to suspend all military aid. But two years after the end of the Georgian-Ossetian war in the media again, there is information on the likely resumption of arms supplies from Israel to Georgia.

Israel arming Georgia with an eye on Russia

The beginning of the Israeli-Georgian cooperation in the military sphere was started in January 2006, when Saakashvili visited Israel with a personal visit. President Georgia no secret of his own enthusiasm for the Israeli weapons. Soon the ship began to Georgia Israeli drones, rifles "Tabor".

When, in April 2008, the Russian Air Force shot down Israeli drone in the sky over Abkhazia in Jerusalem began to worry. After that incident, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel at the request of, fundamentally accepted the decision to suspend the supply of offensive weapons to the Georgian side. The war, which broke out in August 2008, with the inevitability of re-aggravated the subject's arms exports.

"Until now, Israeli officials have very reluctantly commented on the situation with the rumors of cessation of supply. Now in Israel, no one can say with certainty that the information vserasprostranennaya Israeli newspaper" Maariv "and the Associated Press — it is like that, or a political hoax. themselves "Maariv" and the Associated Press cited "unnamed sources" in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Israel "- report to the Russian service Bi-bi-si 6 August 2008, when Georgia had already shelled South Ossetian villages.

The article also noted that the Israeli organization Shibata, carrying out military supplies, is not part of the Ministry of Defense and operates autonomously (with advice from the Foreign Ministry and Intelligence). In addition, the machines "Tavor" and UAVs supplied Georgia do not fall under the category of offensive weapons. Against the backdrop of the upcoming escalation of violence in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the decision was made to suspend military aid to Georgia.

After the war and the proclamation of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the press more than once speculation on the resumption of Israeli arms supplies to Georgia. In March 2009, with charges in the address by the President of Israel in South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity.

In the fall of 2009 the chief of the General Staff Intelligence Department Head of the Russian Federation Alexander Shlyakhturov said: "According to our information, Georgia, as well as to the events of August 2008 as before receiving military assistance from NATO countries, Israel Ukraine and the United States … are training the personnel of the Georgian army's strategy of NATO, Israel supplied Georgia drones and Ukraine — languid arms, namely, tanks and missile defense. "

Later, the Prime Israel Benjamin Netanyahu issued a denial of rumors about the resumption of military supplies to the Georgian side of the distributed media. "In that regard, the supply of arms, we always take into account the concerns of all parties, and we expect that our homeland will do the same thing — to act in the interests of stability in unstable regions," — said Netanyahu in February 2010.

But the information on the dilemma of the Israeli arms exports and to date remains very controversial. In November 2010, the news agency cursor, referring to the portal "financial security", said the decision to put the Israeli Ministry of Defense Georgia tanks "Merkava-4." Official proof of this "leak" has not yet received.

Recall that between Russia and Israel once appeared as the scandals because of Russian arms deliveries to Arab countries. So Makar, directly or indirectly, flirting with the Saakashvili regime can be linked to dissatisfaction with their hostile Israeli point of view of Moscow's policies, provide comprehensive assistance to Iran and Syria, represents a real danger to Israel's existence.

But no matter what the motives were not guided Israeli policy, in practice the other day support for Georgia war was limited, and the cooperation has been curtailed quite rapidly. Before the war, President Saakashvili did not manage to get a Merkava-4 tanks, adapted for use in mountainous terrain.

In the end, neither Israel at the moment, neither then was not interested in that, so quarrel with Russia, which has agreed to make concessions on the issue of arms sales to Syria and Iran. In addition, the majority of Israeli politicians do not have much love for Saakashvili, who is regarded as Teran, intensive use of military and police methods to solve the problems inside the country.

So, not excluding the resumption of supplies to Georgia, the Israelis are likely to act in this direction with great care.

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