Israel began releasing prisoners from the jails

Israel began releasing prisoners from the jailsIsrael started release prisoners from the prison, reports agency "Reuters". And Gilad fooling around in Tuesday should to return home. On the border with Egypt, Gaza Hamas representatives are preparing for the exchange of prisoners. For the freedom of Shalit Israeli government will pay the highest price. From prisons would release more than a thousand prisoners. Exchange should go in two steps — Tuesday, about eight in the morning, at a checkpoint Raffi released 450 prisoners. Another 550 Israelis have freed two months later.

Corporal seized the Gaza Strip in 2006. Since that time, the parties have not once tried to agree. Tel Aviv assured that he is ready to pay for the cost of any prisoner Cpl. And only recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Palestinians accept the conditions. But far not all see exchange fair. Many of those who releases Israel, serving indefinite detention for terror attacks and massacres, TV channel "Russia-24".

The deal did not once frustrated because of disagreements about the number of prisoners to be released, also due to the failure of the Israeli side to release Palestinian radicals.

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