Israel by the U.S. is building a hidden underground base

Israel by the U.S. is building a secret underground baseU.S. Army Corps of Engineers will take the control of the construction of the five-level underground complex for the IDF Air Force base in Tel Aviv. Military complex which the Pentagon called "Object 911 ", estimated at $ 100 million on its construction will take about 2-years.

It is reported that on the ground floor of the underground facility will be in classrooms, on the 3rd — lecture hall and different laboratories. The rooms will be equipped with impact-resistant doors, special protection against non-ionizing radiation and other safety measures, reports Washington Post. "Gathering disk imaging least some disposition on the business base, is strictly forbidden", — the report says.

For the role of the competition for the project may only order companies and specialists from the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Poland, Moldova, the Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela, Romania and China. Hire Palestinians in any work related to the construction of this facility, is strictly prohibited.

Object 911 — one of the last projects to be built for the U.S. military as part of the IDF Military Sales program zabugornyh. Israel, with the Palestinian Authority signed the Wye River Memorandum in 1998 with the mediation of the United States, has received from the Yankees' new military facilities totaling $ 500 million in the midst of their three bases, which can accommodate 20 thousand soldiers, brand new runway length of 2, 5 km, about 100 new buildings. In addition, on account of U.S. military engineers and builders are not one underground shelter for Israeli fighter jets, space for storage of nuclear weapons, command centers, training facilities, trainers and intelligence center.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineering in Israel has three cabinet. His perceived experts at a specific role in the implementation of the 20-miliionnogo project to build infrastructure, hangars and maintenance shops for Israeli intelligence drone "Eitan".

As he wrote, "Rosbalt" October 29, Tehran got pictures of the Israeli military bases and other closed facilities to which access is strictly limited, Deputy Chairman of the State Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament Ismail Kovsari. According to the parliamentarian, the pictures were obtained by Iran through unmanned aerial vehicles, which were launched into the air space of Israel this month, the agency Mehr.

Kovsari Ismail said that because of this UAV acquired images were transferred to the Iranian authorities. With all this quality photos, he said, very superior, so that Iranian intelligence operation management believes successful. Among the "sensitive and important place" that the drone was able to photograph before the Israeli aircraft had been shot down, the experts called Dimona, which is located Israeli nuclear reactor.

Launched on October 6 in the morning from the south of Lebanon UAV for 3 hours was in the airspace of Israel, when it was shot down by the Air Force of the country to the north of the Negev desert.

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