Israel can block the path to the Obama presidency

Israel can block the path to the Obama presidencyThe presidential race in the United States is gaining momentum, and even the first step she is already beginning to bear most true political sensation. No sooner had the Democrats and Republicans in absentia swap Edged arrows over economic development programs, the outbreak of a new scandal is a U.S. foreign policy activity. And the main, speak out so that actor scandal, this time made by Israel.

Israeli media, analyzing the readiness of the United States to Israel to build the 1st of the main allies on the world stage, the material released, reeking sensation. The creators of the material were journalists Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", who got hold of information that segodnyaschy South American administration Tipo managed to bring in Tehran secret telegram. In this dispatch representatives of the U.S. administration Tipo finishing off from Iranian authorities to guarantee that they would not strike at targets in South American case, if Israel dare to knock on the Islamic Republic alone. The material is really reminiscent of the information bomb.

Can you trust the publications of Israeli journalists or not, it is a question of the other plane. But if the information appeared in the Israeli media and has been replicated around the world, it is a harsh dig under Barack Obama not only as under the current U.S. president, but also as a candidate — Mitt Romney's Republican rival in the upcoming presidential election.

If you believe the content of the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", it turns out that Obama's decision to enter into a typical non-aggression pact with Tehran if suddenly Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would give the order to strike Iran before the U.S. presidential election. In other words, if Israel dares to large-scale military actions against Iran before November 2012, the troops of the United States to participate in such transactions will not be, well in advance of the South American authorities declare that the impact of such criteria in their obvious care. Allegedly, another thing if talking about an attack on Iran in order to defeat his nuclear program Israel would build after January 2013, when the U.S. president takes office.

But the catch is that Israel itself until now only lip ready to knock on Iran alone, and all the same could not wait those presidential elections in the United States, the fact that support Obama. But the publication of the press has become a real tub of ice water for a high-ranking Israeli officials.

But on the other hand information "Yediot Aharonot" formally proved, and so the data would be so entirely possible that could be profitable to certain forces, and the question here is of course not about Obama, not about Ahmadinejad. If we talk about who may still be profitable even one "weakness" of Barack Obama, then on the first plan out the identity of its direct competitor on the presidential race — Sovereign Mitt Romney.

And in truth, the fate of the presidency is on the etalon 2013-2017 swinging the scales. If Information about what Washington has "requested" non-aggression from Iran in the event of an attack on Iran by Israel, confirmed, this beautiful occasion for Romney to say about the betrayal of the 1st of its own major allies in the Middle East — Israel. If we consider also that the Israeli lobby in the U.S. has a tremendous impact, then Obama will only be posoboleznovat advance and state that the second term he now just does not shine. Failure to confirm the same disk imaging "petition" Obama, Iran will allow Obama himself has to deal a crushing blow to rival Republicans. After all, the representatives of the Democratic Party of the USA, then, can blame the Republicans in the agent provocateur and attempts by fraud to lure to his American people — ethnic Jews, and then it's the Israel lobby, which has been discussed above.

Indirectly allude to the position of the current U.S. government only the words of the 1st of the generals of the U.S. Army. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Committee NSH United States, in one of his own speeches, said that he was not interested in being drawn into a war with Iran. Maybe it's a statement of general would have remained as they say, on his personal conscience, if not the information that came from the headquarters of the Democratic Party. The information relates to the fact that the political programm the Democrats lost Fri recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital town. Earlier in the program the Democratic Party of the United States point about the need for recognition of the status of Jerusalem, Jewish state had been on for long years.

This is the same political points gave Mitt Romney, which Obama declared the man trying to distance themselves from the alliance with Israel. At the same time, what General Dempsey became identified with the official position of the white houses on the reluctance to get involved in the Iranian conflict. Republicans have remembered Obama the fact that he promised to solve the Iranian issue, if the situation with the development of nuclear fuel in the Islamic republic will reach critical mark. Israel has not once tried to direct the attention of today's U.S. administration that all critical points has long been evident, and means it's time to uncover the gun … But Obama has again struck up a conversation about the sanctions that can turn the tide and without military intervention. This position is of course not happy with Tel Aviv, and therefore segodnyaschy situation with the "new approach" of the Democratic Party of the United States to the Israeli issue and either fabrications or apparent contacts between Washington and Tehran now play obviously for the benefit of Mitt Romney, which, Incidentally, this week for the first time eclipsed the rated current South American president.

All of this points, as it is now the South American political system is far from the transparency and independence. That foreign lobby, which was mentioned in the article above, is able to manipulate the public held view more profitable because of its active members. It turns out that now Obama and Romney, in order to win the presidential race to assure the effectiveness of their own programs from not only the specifically American people, and those who live a few thousand miles from the United States. These are the realities of the struggle for the presidency.

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